Trending Bridal Fashion: Basque Waistline Wedding Dresses

Trending Bridal Fashion: Basque Waistline Wedding Dresses

Trending Bridal Fashion: Basque Waistline Wedding Dresses. Mobile Image

Jun 19, 2024

At Lovella Bridal, we are always excited for our trips to New York Bridal Fashion week to discover the latest in bridal fashion designs. We get an insider look at the upcoming collections from top wedding dress designers as we decide what gowns to add to our collection for brides to shop. One of the hottest trends in bridal fashion right now is the Basque waistline. If you are a bride getting married in 2025 or 2026, you are bound to see many wedding dress designs with a Basque waist while you are shopping for your dream wedding dress.


If you are not very familiar with bridal fashion or fashion design terms, you might be wondering what a Basque waist even is and what this waistline looks like. We are going to share all the details brides need to know about this emerging bridal fashion style and why Basque waistline wedding dresses are the hot new trend.


Video: Discover the Hottest Bridal Trend: Basque Waistline


If you are a bride who is shopping for their wedding dress, you are probably curious what styles are most popular and what you will see in bridal stores. For all of our 2025 and even 2026 brides, one of the biggest trending wedding dress styles is a basque waistline. Tune in to this week's bridal fashion advice video to learn about and discover the hottest bridal trend of basque waistline wedding dresses



What Is A Basque Waist?


First things first, what is a Basque waistline? If you are a bride who has started shopping for your wedding dress, you are probably a little bit familiar with different wedding dress styles such as a ball gown or a mermaid style dress. A Basque waistline wedding dress is a particular style of wedding dress that is usually done with a ball gown style but can also be done on a more fitted silhouette as well. Basque waistline dresses have a corset style bodice that goes down into a v shape past the hips. The v-shape is lower than a traditional waistline and gives the illusion of a longer torso while accentuating the hips.


This waistline style can help give the appearance of an elongated frame going down the center of the body while making the waist visually appear narrower and amplifying the hips. Think of it like a makeup artist contouring the face, bridal designers do the same thing with their wedding dresses for the body and the Basque waistline does an amazing job of giving a flattering figure.


Basque Waist Ball Gowns


Ball gowns are the most common silhouette to feature a Basque waistline and we are going to share a few of our favorite dresses below by Leah Da Gloria that are a little more modern twist on the Basque waistline. The ball gown silhouette, combined with the Basque waist, really gives the illusion of a cinched in torso. Brides tend to love the feeling a corset bodice gives them because they feel held in and secure to wear their wedding dress all day long.


The great thing about a Basque waist ball gown, is the volume at the hips adds to the visual narrowing of the waist. Many of the Basque waistline ball gowns you will see can also be customized to the amount of volume you desire. We can always add layers of tulle or fabric to give a fuller skirt or remove layers to tone down the volume at the hips while still keeping that slimming effect. No matter the amount of wedding dress skirt volume you are looking for, a Basque waist ball gown bridal dress is going to give you that dramatic and regal look, allowing you to live out your Bridgerton inspired dreams.


Modern, no lace basque waistline ball gown by Leah Da Gloria


Sparkle and pearl detailed basque waist wedding dress by Leah Da Gloria


Floral print basque waistline wedding dress by Leah Da Gloria


Basque Waist Fitted Dress


If a ball gown is not your ideal wedding dress silhouette, you can still take advantage of a Basque waistline with a more fitted wedding dress, as shown in the Berta Privée gown below. If you are really wanting to show off your figure, a slim silhouette wedding dress with a corset bodice could be an ideal dress style for you. Detailing like beading and lace can help highlight the Basque waistline without having the overly dramatic v-shape that you get with the fuller skirt dresses.


Fitted lace basque waistline wedding dress by Berta Privée


More Helpful Bridal Fashion Advice


We hope you have found this advice helpful for knowing what a basque waist wedding dress is so you can stay on top of bridal fashion trends when wedding dress shopping. For even more helpful advice when it comes to shopping for your dream wedding dress and finding your bridal style, be sure to check out our past posts:



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