Overskirt Styles & Prices For Your Wedding Dress

Overskirt Styles & Prices For Your Wedding Dress

Overskirt Styles & Prices For Your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Mar 08, 2023

This week we are back with more wedding fashion and bridal accessory advice. If you are a bride who is ready to shop for their wedding dress and are wondering about the different options and styles, then this post is for you. If you are a bride who is ready to complete their wedding day look and want to know about different accessories for your bridal dress, this is the advice for you. We have recently talked all about how to choose the right wedding veil and how to accessorize and style your wedding dress. We are going to continue our bridal fashion advice and discuss wedding dress overskirts.


If you are curious about whether a wedding dress overskirt is right for you, or if you are wondering what an overskirt even is, we have the tips and advice you need. We are going to talk about various styles of overskirts, the price points of overskirts, and all the details brides need to know when it comes to wedding dress overskirts. 


What Is An Overskirt?


Let’s start with what a wedding dress overskirt actually is. If you are new to shopping for wedding dresses, then you might not even be familiar with the term overskirt. An overskirt refers to a skirt or a bottom portion of a dress that can be added "over" or on top of the existing wedding dress. Overskirts can be permanently attached to the wedding dress or can be removable depending on the style.


There will be particular wedding dresses that are designed specifically with a matching overskirt. There are also overskirts that are designed without a specific wedding dress in mind, giving brides the option to kind of mix and match the design and style to achieve a bridal look that best suits each bride and their style. 


2 Looks In 1


Wedding dress overskirts are a great option for brides who want a little more customized bridal look. If you are a bride who wants to wear a form-fitted wedding dress but also doesn’t want to miss out on the big ball gown, princess feeling, then a wedding dress overskirt may be the perfect solution for you. Overskirts are a great opportunity to achieve both looks in one instead of wearing two different dresses as overskirts are generally removable or detachable from the main wedding dress.


This is especially true if you opt for a removable or detachable wedding dress overskirt. You could choose to wear your overskirt for your wedding ceremony so you have that big dramatic look as you walk down the aisle, and then remove the overskirt for your wedding reception so you can dance the night away in the more fitted dress. This will be a great surprise for your wedding guests, as you typically can’t even tell that the overskirt is separate from the wedding dress. 


Buying An Overskirt


An important fact that brides should consider when thinking about wearing a wedding dress overskirt is the price point. When it comes to pricing of wedding dress overskirts, you are essentially purchasing a second wedding dress. Most wedding dress overskirts, on average, have starting price points of around $2,000 and go up from there. At Lovella, we have overskirts that start at $2,000 and go up from there, all the way to $12,000. 


Wedding dress overskirts are priced depending on the style and fabric. If you choose an overskirt that is very elaborate and has a lot of embellishment or even a lot of manipulated fabric, then the cost is going to be more. The same is true for the level of detail and type of fabric that your wedding dress is made of. 


Overskirt Styles


No matter what style wedding dress you choose - lace, sparkle, strapless, with sleeves - there is an overskirt that will match the bridal style you are going for. Overskirts come in simple and more elaborate styles. You can choose an overskirt that has a sparkle tulle fabric, one with lace detailing, even one that is just simple tulle fabric to give that overall ballgown feeling.


The majority of overskirts are designed to leave the front of the wedding dress open, so the overskirt will essentially wrap around the back from one hip to the other. A belt or band may be visible across the front of your dress, so this is something to keep in mind when choosing your overskirt. Depending on the overskirt’s size (They can be heavy depending on the amount of fabric!), you may be able to have your seamstress create clips on either side to attach your overskirt rather than having a band across the front. 


There are also overskirt designs which are a full skirt that goes all the way around your waist. With this type of overskirt, you can’t even see the fitted wedding dress that is underneath the overskirt. Your wedding guests will think that you are wearing a gorgeous ball gown wedding dress and then when you enter your wedding reception without the overskirt, you will have a total fashion moment with a surprise second bridal look. 


Choosing an overskirt for your wedding dress all comes down to your personal bridal style preference. You can opt for a very full, tulle overskirt that gives you a lot of volume and that big ball gown feeling. Or you can opt for something a bit more subtle that adds just a bit of drama to your fitted gown. 


Video: Overskirt Styles & Prices For Your Wedding Dress


If you are considering an overskirt for your wedding day and bridal look, be sure to watch this week's advice video to see various styles of overskirts and how you can style your wedding dress. Our Wedding Fashion Expert tries on a few of her favorite overskirts so you can learn all the overskirt styles and prices for your wedding dress



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