How to Identify When a Wedding Dress is Not The Right One For You

How to Identify When a Wedding Dress is Not The Right One For You

How to Identify When a Wedding Dress is Not The Right One For You. Mobile Image

Apr 10, 2024

If you are a bride who is shopping for your wedding dress, you have probably been wondering how to know when you have found “the one”. Many brides wonder if they will get a certain feeling when trying on wedding dresses that will let them know they have found the right wedding dress and they should say “yes to the dress”. We have shared our expert tips and advice for how to know when you have found your wedding dress, but knowing when to not buy a dress is just as important.


It might seem counterproductive when you are going wedding dress shopping to think about when you should not buy a wedding dress but it can actually help inform you on when a dress is right for you. Follow our tips to help you learn when it’s not the right wedding dress to purchase to ensure you end up wearing a bridal dress you love.


Video: How to Identify When a Wedding Dress is Not The Right One For You


If you are a bride who is shopping for your wedding dress, you have likely heard all the advice about how you will know when you have found your dream wedding dress, but how should you handle the wedding dresses that are not right? Before your next wedding dress shopping appointment, be sure to watch our advice video with all the tips on how to identify when a wedding dress is not the right one for you.



Making Design Changes


We have had a lot of brides shopping with us lately at our bridal boutique in LA who want to love a certain dress. They try on a dress and spend a lot of time wearing it, trying to decide if it’s the right dress for them or not. They look in the mirror and want to like it and are trying hard to love the dress but it’s not quite there. They might like certain aspects of the dress but then there are things they want to change. If you feel like this at all when trying on wedding dresses, that should be a clear indictor that it’s not the right dress for you. If a wedding dress is almost there but you want to make a lot of changes to it, it’s not your dress. 


Plain and simple, the wedding dress that is the best fit for you is ultimately going to be the one that requires the least amount of changes. There are of course some exceptions to this rule. For example, if you are looking for a very modest wedding dress, something that is completely covered in the chest area or arms, that may require some changes. A wedding dress that fits those specifications is likely going to require some modifications because there are very few fully modest wedding dresses available, so that would not fall into the same category of a dress not being right for you if you need to make changes.


Buy What You See


Minor changes to a wedding dress, like adding a strap or a sleeve, that will not completely change the overall design of the dress should not make you completely decide against the dress. Your bridal stylist should be able to show you what a certain dress will look like with a strap or sleeve added to give you an idea of what the dress would look like with that change. It’s when you want to alter other aspects like the fabric choice or embellishments that should make you question if that dress is right for you.


If you are wanting to make major changes to a dress like asking if the beading or a layer of sparkle tulle can be removed, then the dress is probably not for you. These types of changes are going to drastically change the look of the dress and you won’t know what you are getting until the modified dress arrives in store or is altered. You don’t want to take the chance of not being happy with your dress and then needing a plan b for your bridal attire. If you want to make major changes to a dress, then it’s time to look at other options. But figuring out what you don’t like about a certain dress will help lead you to the dress that is right for you.


We have learned from our many decades in the bridal fashion world that some changes are not worth the risk. We have had brides go to another store to order their dress with custom changes after not taking our advice and they ended up regretting it. Don’t put yourself in the situation of not liking your dress after ordering something you just picture in your head and can’t actually see in person. Don’t waste your time and money - buy the dress that you see with all the components you love instead of taking the chance on needing a backup dress or walking down the aisle in a dress you don’t love.


Love The Full Vision


Look at the full vision, the full picture of you in the wedding dress. Every component that is there is there for a reason. The bridal designer had a strategy behind their design and the choices they made. Each dress in their collection is made to the way they feel looks best. But don’t let that make you feel like you are going to be a cookie cutter bride.


While you are safer and better off buying a dress you love that needs minimal changes, you can still make it your own. Just because other brides have worn the same dress doesn’t mean that you will all look alike. Your accessories and how you style the dress will make you unique without needing custom changes. Look for the finished pieces that you love, including your accessories. All in all, it is not the dress for you if you are making a ton of changes. Your goal when wedding dress shopping is to find a dress that you love wholeheartedly and completely, at a full vision.


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