What Does It Mean To Be Ready To Buy Your Wedding Dress?

What Does It Mean To Be Ready To Buy Your Wedding Dress?

What Does It Mean To Be Ready To Buy Your Wedding Dress?. Mobile Image

Sep 14, 2022

This week’s wedding dress shopping advice is one we have touched on in the past, but one that we wanted to discuss a bit more and share with brides why it is so important. You may be a bride that is newly engaged and ready to begin wedding dress shopping and today we're talking all about what it means to be ready to buy your wedding dress. What do you need to have prepared mentally and financially when you go wedding dress shopping? You never know when you're going to find your dream wedding dress and so that's why it's so important to be ready to buy. And, today, we're going to go over exactly what what we mean when we say, be ready to buy your wedding dress! 


We may be biased, but we think wedding dress shopping is one of the more fun aspects of wedding planning! With our advice, you will be truly ready to shop for your bridal dress confidently and have a stress-free wedding dress shopping experience. Learn what it means to be ready to buy your wedding dress and why this is important any time you are going to a bridal store to look at wedding dresses. We’ll tell you what happens once you say “yes to the dress” and what happens next, so you will be fully prepared for the entire wedding dress shopping process. 


First Things First


Shopping for your wedding gown may seem like a daunting task for some brides. A wedding dress is so different from any article of clothing you’ve worn before and it can be overwhelming to try to figure out what style of wedding dress suits your body and fashion sense. We want to ease some of those worries. Bridal stylists are professionals and you will be in great hands as they guide you in your wedding dress shopping journey. 


We encourage all brides to face their wedding dress shopping appointments with an open heart, an open mind and be ready to find “the one” - even if it is your first visit to a bridal store. You want to put your best foot forward and avoid any surprises. At Lovella, we have brides come in every day for their first wedding dress shopping appointment expecting to just browse our selection of bridal dresses and end up leaving their appointment with their dream wedding dress ordered. You never know when you will find a bridal dress you love, so always be prepared for this and to buy your wedding dress. 


You want to check things off your wedding planning to-do list, so always be prepared to buy your wedding dress whenever you head to a bridal store to shop, to browse, and to try on dresses. 


VIDEO: What Does It Mean To Be Ready To Buy Your Wedding Dress?


You might prefer to get your wedding planning advice in video form, and in that case, you don't want to miss this week's advice video discussing what it means to be ready to buy your wedding dress so you can be fully prepared to have a stress-free and fun wedding dress shopping experience. 



In The Right Mindset


Wedding planning and wedding dress shopping is a new task for brides, so it’s natural to have some anxiety or nervousness about the process of finding your dream wedding dress. It can feel like a lot of pressure to find your wedding dress and you've likely never been through the process before. So, feeling confused and overwhelmed is normal and natural. 


We want all brides to be in a great mindset before their bridal dress shopping appointments so they can feel their best and be excited about the process. Once you are in a good headspace and are ready to go bridal dress shopping with a positive attitude, you are probably wondering what you need to bring to your appointment to be successful. 


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Important Guests


The first important thing to have with you at your wedding dress appointment is anyone who is helping you make a decision about your wedding dress. If you don’t have that person or persons with you, then you are going to be wasting your time and the bridal stylist’s time if you go shopping without them. 


What happens as you try on wedding gowns, is that each gown leads to the next and the next and eventually you land on a particular bridal dress based on that entire journey and experience. Each wedding dress you try on helps narrow down what style or shape you like and what details, like lace or beading, you are looking for in your wedding dress. 


If a person that is crucial to your decision-making is not at your wedding dress shopping appointment with you and has missed the entire journey of bridal dresses you’ve tried on, there is going to be a disconnect when you show them the bridal dress you’ve decided on ordering.


Bring along to your wedding dress shopping appointment, even if you think you're just browsing, anyone whose opinion you value and want so that when you find "the one," you’ll be ready to say "yes" with them by your side. 


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The next aspect of being ready to buy your wedding dress is to be prepared financially. Whenever you go wedding dress shopping, you want to be sure you have the funds or money readily available to purchase your bridal gown. If you are out shopping and find your dream wedding dress, you don’t want to waste any time in placing your order.


There are so many variables to take into account these days, from gowns being discontinued to price increases, all due to the pandemic recovery and supply chain delays when it comes to wedding dresses. 


You don’t want to miss out on your dream wedding dress, so prior to going to any bridal salons, be prepared to say "yes" and pay for your wedding dress that day. 


One other thing to consider when it comes to financials is to find out your particular store’s policy when it comes to purchasing a dress. Every bridal dress store might handle payment and process differently.


At Lovella, we do require you to pay for your wedding dress in full at the time of placing your order. Some bridal stores only require a deposit at the time you place your dress order. It will vary from store to store, but it is good information to find out before you start shopping so you are fully prepared when you show up to your shopping appointment.


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What Comes Next?


We know how exciting it is to finally find your dream wedding dress. For many brides, it can be hard to think about what comes next, but there are important logistical items to consider. You want to find a store that's going to support and guide you through the entire process, because each store may vary on their protocol of what it looks like once you say yes to the dress. Be sure to find out how long orders typically take to produce and ship so you know when to expect your dress to arrive. 


Be ready to make the decision while you are in store, while you're in the dress, with the original stylist helping you. They were beside you for the entire journey and they know exactly what you're liking and not liking, so they can ensure there are no errors when your order gets transferred onto the invoice.




Another logistical item to consider in being prepared to buy your wedding dress is the alterations process. No wedding dress is going to fit perfectly and will likely need some sort of alterations after it arrives in the bridal store. Whether this is to take in the waist, hem the bridal gown shorter, or even something more in-depth like adding sleeves, you will want to be prepared for what happens after you've ordered your wedding dress and it arrives in the bridal store. 


This is another process that can vary from store to store, so find out if your particular store offers alterations in-house, and how and when you should schedule these appointments. If your bridal store doesn't have in-house seamstresses, ask if they have a list of recommendations you can research and contact. It will be another big item to check off your wedding planning list. 


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Bridal Accessories


We have spent so much time talking about being prepared to buy your wedding dress, that you may not have even thought about veils and bridal accessories. It is so important to buy your wedding veil at the same time you buy your wedding dress. 

Along with being ready to buy your wedding dress, you need to be ready to purchase your accessories. Ordering your veil at the same time as your wedding dress will ensure the colors match and that all the details align. 


If you wait to order your accessories because you didn’t have the funds in place or didn’t have all your loved ones with you, then you are going to be making things harder on yourself. If you come back weeks or months later to order your wedding veil, it is very likely that the sample gown you tried on is no longer available. Sample wedding gowns do sell, and sometimes they are just borrowed inventory for a trunk show and have to be sent back to the designer after a certain amount of time. 


Set yourself up for success and be ready to buy your wedding veil and wedding dress at the same time. 


All in all, what it truly means to be ready to purchase your wedding dress comes down to just a couple of important things. It's all about having a positive mindset, bringing all the important people with you, having the funds ready, and putting your best foot forward to finalize decisions and move the needle forward in your wedding planning process. 


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