How Long Should A Blusher Veil Be For Wedding Day?

How Long Should A Blusher Veil Be For Wedding Day?

How Long Should A Blusher Veil Be For Wedding Day?. Mobile Image

May 01, 2024

Are you considering a blusher veil for your wedding style? Are you looking for an unforgettable bridal accessory idea? We're talking all things blusher bridal veils from the length of a blusher veil, to how to style a blusher and everything in between. If you're thinking about a unique, untraditional style bridal veil or curious about your bridal accessories options, you're in the right spot today, as our Wedding Fashion Expert shares everything brides need to know about blusher veils.


In addition to sharing all our insider knowledge with brides shopping for their dream wedding dress, we also love to help brides style their wedding dress and complete their dream wedding day look. Bridal accessories can really take your wedding dress to the next level and are a great way to express your bridal style. If you ask us, we will always say "yes" to a wedding veil! Even if you think you aren’t a veil person, trust us, and at least try a few veils on when you are wedding dress shopping. A wedding veil can elevate your wedding day look to a true bridal style.


Today we are talking all about wedding veils, specifically blushers. We will cover everything brides need to know about wedding veil blushers, from what length they should be to how to match your blusher to your veil, and what a blusher even is.


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If you are a bride who is shopping for your wedding veil and bridal accessories, you might be considering wearing a blusher on your wedding day. Or perhaps you are a bride who is new to bridal fashion and aren't sure what a blusher is and if you should wear one on your wedding day.


Don't miss our advice video where our wedding fashion expert showcases various styles of wedding veils and blushers and gives her expert advice on how long a blusher should be for the wedding day.



What Is A Blusher?


If you are new to the bridal fashion world, you may be unfamiliar with the term “blusher” but you have most likely seen a blusher veil. A blusher is a style of wedding veil that is worn over the bride’s face. It’s a more traditional bridal look and is the type of veil the groom or the person giving away the bride would flip back to reveal the bride’s face.


There are a few different types of blusher veils and what you choose will ultimately come down to personal preference. There are veils that have the blusher attached all on one hair comb. There are also options you can purchase separately so your veil would be on one comb and the blusher would be on a second hair comb. We personally like having the veil and blusher separate so brides can have more versatility with their wedding day looks.


Length Of A Blusher


When it comes to deciding on the length of your blusher veil, it will all depend on the placement of the comb in your hair. Where you place the veil comb, along with your height, will effect the length of your blusher. We prefer a blusher on the longer side so that it hits just below the belly button and just grazes over your bouquet. Remember that you want to hold your bouquet lower on your body - think about resting your forearms on your hip bones when holding your bouquet. Having a blusher a bit on the longer side will allow it to spread out around the top of your bouquet and give a little space between the blusher and your face.


When it comes time to decide the length of your blusher, you first decide where the comb will be placed in your hair and then just use a measuring tape to determine the proper length for you.


Trim Or No Trim?


Another option to decide on when considering a blusher is what style you want. Bridal veils have so many options these days from floral lace accents to pearl studs to a simple ribbon trim edge. It can be a nice way to tie in an element from your wedding dress design into your veil.


When it comes to blushers, we prefer a blusher veil with no trim so that it creates a seamless look. Oftentimes brides will want their blusher to mimic whatever trim they have on their wedding veil but it can create a bit of an interruption to the eye when taking in the entire bridal look. This will all be personal style preference in the end.


One Piece Or Two


The other decision you will have to make is if you want your blusher attached to your wedding veil or if you want two separate pieces. A veil with the blusher attached is sometimes called a circle veil because it is essentially a circle of tulle with a comb sewn in the middle. These can be ordered in any length needed, but there is less material gathered at the comb since it is all once piece of tulle as compared to a blusher on a comb of its own. This does create a really nice seamless look from all angles when the bride is wearing it, as you can sometimes get a bit of a gap on the sides if the two pieces are separate.


No matter which option you choose, we recommend wearing your blusher over your face for the walk down the aisle. Then have whoever is escorting you flip back the blusher so that the tulle is not covering your face the entire ceremony - you want to be able to see your face in your wedding photos. And make sure whoever is flipping the blusher back gives it a little fluff when doing so so that it lays nicely behind you.


If you opt for a separate blusher and veil, it’s easy to remove the blusher comb for your wedding day portraits while still wearing your veil. If they are attached, you can just have the blusher flipped back for portraits. One bonus about having the two separate is that you could remove your long veil and just wear the short blusher in its place for part of your wedding reception if you still want to have a veil on but not have to worry about tripping while dancing. Again, it will all come down to your own personal preference. 


More Helpful Bridal Fashion Styling Advice


We hope you have found this advice helpful when it comes to deciding on if you want to wear a blusher on wedding day and what the right length should be to complement your wedding dress and veil. For even more helpful advice when it comes to shopping for your dream wedding dress and finding your bridal style, be sure to check out our past posts:



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