How to Maneuver In A Wedding Dress & Veil

How to Maneuver In A Wedding Dress & Veil

How to Maneuver In A Wedding Dress & Veil. Mobile Image

Feb 15, 2023

If you are a bride who has found your dream wedding dress and are planning on wearing a wedding veil on your wedding day, this advice article is for you. This week we are continuing the discussion about wedding veils. We already gave tips and advice for choosing the right wedding veil, and now we are going to be talking about how to maneuver and move around on wedding day while wearing a wedding dress and wedding veil. 


Wearing a wedding dress is so different from your everyday clothes and it can take some practice to be able to confidently walk in your wedding dress. Depending on the style wedding dress you choose, you may need to move your body a bit differently to successfully navigate your wedding day. If you are a bride who is wondering how to walk around on wedding day without your wedding dress train or wedding veil getting wrinkled or messed up, then these tips are for you. We’ll be sharing everything you need to know about how to maneuver in a wedding dress and wedding veil on wedding day. 


Have Realistic Expectations


One important thing that all brides should do when trying on wedding dresses is to move and walk around the bridal store a bit. Get off the pedestal and see how your body and the wedding dress move as you are walking around. You may need to do this carefully, as the sample dresses you are trying on will likely not be the correct length, but it will give you an ideal of how you might need to move your body on wedding day while wearing your wedding dress.


At Lovella, we often hear from brides wondering how they can keep their wedding dress train straight or keep their wedding veil in place while walking around on wedding day, or needing to go around corners as they make their way through their wedding venue. Unfortunately, there is not a magic solution to this bridal fashion issue. There is not one simple answer that will keep your wedding dress train or bridal veil in perfect place. The fabric your wedding dress and bridal veil is made of is going to wrinkle. As you are moving around, the fabric is going to gather and move as well.


You need to have realistic expectations on wedding day and understand that as you move, your dress and veil are going to move too. Keep in mind that each wedding dress will move differently depending on the style and the fabric. A fitted lace bridal dress is going to move differently than a tulle ballgown wedding dress. Wanting your dress train and bridal veil to remain absolutely flawless and perfect as you move throughout your wedding day is unrealistic. Fabric moves with your body and does get wrinkled. Your wedding dress and bridal veil will move and flow with you as you move about on wedding day. 


Video: How to Maneuver in a Wedding Dress & Veil


Be sure to tune into this week's advice video so you can see for yourself how wedding dress and wedding veil fabrics move as you walk around on wedding day. Learn all the tips you need for how to maneuver in a wedding dress and wedding veil



Wedding Dress Trains


If you are a bride who plans on wearing a wedding dress with a train, you have a few extra considerations when it comes to maneuvering on wedding day. You certainly don’t want to trip on your wedding dress train when walking around. You should also keep in mind the types of surfaces you will be walking on on wedding day. Carpet or grass tends to grab the fabric and could cause snags, whereas a hardwood floor will give you a bit of glide. 


If you need to go around corners when wearing your wedding dress, your dress train will follow along with you but it’s going to get bunched up and gather behind you as you move around the corner. You’ll need someone to adjust your train and fluff it out for you after going around a corner.


You may want to consider having someone with you on wedding day who will help arrange your wedding dress train and wedding veil throughout wedding day to ensure all elements of your bridal outfit look beautiful in your wedding photos and video. Your photographer and wedding planner are not necessarily responsible for making sure your wedding dress train or bridal veil are laying correctly in your photos. Many wedding planners will often have someone available to fluff your wedding dress train right before you walk down the aisle. Your dress train will be extended to it’s full length, and then as you proceed down the aisle, it naturally gathers a bit as you move and becomes more narrow. This is normal and to be expected as you walk with a wedding dress train.


At Lovella, a lot of our brides hire a day of stylist and bridal dresser that helps make sure everybody is looking beautiful for photos and video, and to make sure that everything looks beautiful as you're moving throughout the day. So that is certainly an option if this is something that is important to you on wedding day.  


Wedding Veils


When it comes to maneuvering on wedding day with a bridal veil, how you move will depend on the length of your wedding veil. A shorter veil such as a blusher or fingertip length veil, is going to be easier to manage than a cathedral length wedding veil. 

Just as your wedding dress train will naturally gather and get narrower as you walk, your long wedding veil will do the same. As you turn corners, your wedding veil fabric will also gather, and so you’ll need someone to fluff out your wedding veil before you head down the aisle. 


Another thing to keep in mind with wedding veils, especially long ones, is that they can start to pull on your hair and head. It will take some extra time to navigate and walk with a long train and veil so keep this in mind so you are not rushing around on wedding day and risk tripping over long fabric. 


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