How to Accessorize a Short Wedding Dress

How to Accessorize a Short Wedding Dress

How to Accessorize a Short Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Mar 01, 2023

Are you ready to style your short or mini wedding dress? If you are ready to accessorize your wedding dress and choose your bridal accessories, this is sstyling advice you will not want to miss. If you are a bride planning on wearing a short wedding dress, whether for your entire wedding day or just as a second bridal look or wedding reception dress, (Hello, wedding after party look!) you are not going to want to miss these tips for accessorizing your short bridal dress. 

Last week we shared our advice and tips for accessorizing your wedding dress. The formula we shared for choosing your wedding day accessories can also apply for brides wearing a short dress on wedding day, with a few adjustments. A short wedding dress has a different feeling than a traditional long bridal gown, and so you will want to plan out your accessories a little differently. Wedding dresses offer brides the chance to play and really curate their bridal look. We think that short wedding dresses can allow brides to really play and have some fun - especially with their bridal accessories. 


It's All About The Shoes


The main difference brides should know when accessorizing their short wedding dress rather than a traditional long wedding dress is all about shoes. If you are a bride choosing to wear a short wedding dress or are changing into a short dress for your wedding reception, then you must really bring your bridal shoe game! 


When you are wearing a short or mini wedding dress, it’s a total fashion moment to elevate your bridal look and give it a little bit more style and personality with your shoes. When it comes to accessorizing, this is your opportunity to play and have fun. You can really customize your wedding day look to your aesthetic and the feeling that you want to have on wedding day. 

With long wedding dresses, you really won’t see your bridal shoes very much on wedding day. There will be some little peekaboo moments as you walk and move, especially if you have a high slit. With a short wedding dress, your shoes will be on full display, so it’s a great opportunity to really have a moment and choose something stunning. 


Bridal Veils


Wedding veils are a very traditional bridal accessory, but one that we think brides wearing a short wedding dress can have a lot of fun with. If you are wearing a short bridal dress, then you might think that you can’t wear a long wedding veil or perhaps you think you shouldn’t wear a wedding veil at all. We are here to say that if you want a veil, then go for it!  


When it comes to bridal fashion and wedding day looks, there are no rules. It all comes down to your personal style preference and what you ultimately want to look like on your wedding day. Look at what Kourtney Kardashian wore for her wedding- she wore a short wedding dress with a long, elaborate cathedral-length wedding veil. A wedding veil can really elevate your bridal look and is a great bridal accessory to really showcase your style and personality. 


At Lovella, the most common regret we hear from our Brides after the wedding day is that they wish they wore a wedding veil. For us, a bridal veil is a no-brainer for all brides. It's the one thing that when Brides look back on their wedding photos, they wish they had worn a veil and were not missing that component in their photos.


For more insight on wedding veils, read our past post on how to choose the right wedding veil.


Statement Earrings


For brides wearing a short bridal dress on the wedding day, after selecting your shoes and bridal veil, we would next recommend choosing your bridal earrings. Based on the style of your wedding veil, you can move onto your next accessories. We always recommend an earring because it’s a great way to frame your face on wedding day. When selecting your wedding day earrings, we would encourage you to choose a style that is a bit more dramatic. If you opt for studs or a smaller style earring, they are not really going to be seen, especially from a distance and in many of your wedding photos. 


As a bride, wedding day is your time to be glamorous and as over the top as you want to be. We don’t believe you can overdo it with accessories, unless your personal opinion feels that it’s a little too over the top for yourself. Wedding day is a bride’s opportunity to shine, so no matter how informal your wedding is or how many guests you have, wedding day is the time for brides to dress up and accessorize in any way they want. 


All in all, just because you're wearing a short wedding dress doesn't mean you can't be a little over the top and bring the drama. As a bride, you should personalize your look and do what feels really fun and authentic to you for wedding day.


Video: How to Accessorize a Short Wedding Dress


If you are a bride who is wearing a short wedding dress, be sure to tune in to this week's advice video to see how to accessorize a short wedding dress. You'll be able to see how our Wedding Fashion Expert styles a glam short wedding dress in multiple ways and learn her formula for selecting your bridal accessories.



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