Top 3 Most Common Wedding Attire Regrets That Brides Have

Top 3 Most Common Wedding Attire Regrets That Brides Have

Top 3 Most Common Wedding Attire Regrets That Brides Have. Mobile Image

Feb 24, 2022

Are you shopping for your dream wedding dress? If so, you’ll want to pay close attention today because we have some of our best advice about finding your perfect bridal style. Our Wedding Fashion Expert is back with more helpful advice for brides who are shopping for their wedding dress and wedding fashion accessories. We’re giving you the secrets of wedding dress shopping, the things that most brides regret about their wedding dress, and the things that brides wish they could change if they could get married all over again. 


Today, we are talking about the most common wedding attire regrets that brides have. We are sharing the feedback we most commonly hear at Lovella from our brides after their wedding dress shopping experience and after their wedding day to help you avoid the same regrets.


If you’re on the hunt for your dream wedding dress, then today’s blog post and video is for you. We’re going into detail on the things that most brides regret about wedding dress shopping so that you can avoid the same mistakes on your journey to feeling amazing on your wedding day in a dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident.


Video:  Bride's Most Common Wedding Attire Regrets


If you're wondering the most common wedding attire regrets that most brides have so that you can avoid them for your wedding day, then you'll love our video from our Wedding Fashion Expert. In this video, she explains the top regrets that brides have when it comes to their wedding dress and accessories:



Regret 1: Price Shopping

The number one most common regret that brides have about their wedding dress is when they make their dress decision based on price. They are more in love with the price of their wedding dress than they are in love with how the dress looks on their body or how the wedding dress makes them feel. 


More specifically, brides who don’t purchase the dress that they want because it is too expensive, or they purchase a dress because it is a “good price,” tend to regret their choice in the end.


At Lovella, we hear from many brides that begin their wedding dress shopping experience with a reputable dress store and after being shown a particular dress or veil, they decide not to purchase the dress at that time. Instead, they are hoping to shop at another bridal dress store to get a discount on the dress. 


Let’s take a moment to talk about pricing on wedding dresses. Wedding dress designers and manufacturers set the price of their items. Bridal dress shops do not set the price. Wedding dress shops, like Lovella, are not supposed to discount wedding dresses. 


If you’re shopping for a wedding dress and you find a wedding dress or bridal accessory pricing that is lower than what an item is originally marked at, you should ask yourself why is this pricing so low. Low or discounted pricing can be a sign of desperation on behalf of the dress shop and of a business not doing well. 


At Lovella, we care highly about the relationships that we have with our wedding dress and bridal accessories designers. We sell our items at the MSRP set by the manufacturer or designer. We honor our relationships and do not want to risk having a collection taken out of our bridal store. 


In addition to the cost of the dress itself, there is more that goes into an enjoyable and stress-free wedding dress shopping experience. Remember, as the bride, you are also paying for the whole experience and the customer service that goes along with finding your dress.


Purchasing a wedding dress is not just a one-and-done type of appointment. We discussed how wedding dress shopping works in our recent post about expectations when wedding dress shopping for the first time. You are shopping at your bridal salon and visiting it over and over again throughout the entire process from finding the dress to your wedding day. You will become very well acquainted with the staff and bridal stylists at a dress store as you come back for alterations and fittings.


We hear many times from brides that purchased their wedding dress based on price, that they have missed out on quality service. They wish they had gone with the more reputable bridal shop to have a better overall shopping experience and more trustworthy service. 


We encourage all of our brides to not make their wedding dress purchasing decision based on price alone. Think about the overall wedding dress experience you want to have. You want to trust that the staff is ordering your wedding dress with the proper measurements and in a timely fashion. 


Our best advice to brides is to purchase from a bridal shop that is reputable, that you trust, and that you want to come back to again and again. 


Regret 2: Not Wearing A Veil On Wedding Day


Another common regret we hear from brides after their wedding day is that they wish they had worn a bridal veil. When brides are shopping for their wedding dress and wedding day accessories, we always encourage them to at least try on a bridal veil. It can help complete your wedding day look. 


If you’re looking for more on bridal accessories and wondering about the accessory process, be sure to check out our tips for ordering bridal veils and wedding accessories.  


Many brides who try on a veil will tell their bridal consultants that “it’s not them.” Unless you have been married before, you have likely never worn a bridal veil. Of course, trying on a bridal veil or considering wearing a veil can feel awkward or uncomfortable since it is likely not something brides have ever done before.


On the other hand, some brides may immediately connect with a bridal veil when they try one on in the store. Other brides just feel that a veil is too much. A veil is just a lot of fabric and doesn’t make them feel like themselves. Feeling uncomfortable with a bridal veil is a totally natural reaction to have. 


When you’re in the dress shop, we encourage you to take photos while trying on bridal veils. We also encourage you to try different veil styles, including long veils, short veils as well as veils with lace, to find a bridal veil that best suits you and how you want to feel on your wedding day.


We hear from a lot of brides that when they get their wedding photos back from their photographer six to eight weeks after their wedding day, they feel like something is missing. The photos just feel naked without a wedding veil. 


We encourage you to look at real wedding photos of brides with and without a veil and see what resonates with you and to think about how you want to feel on your wedding day. 


Regret 3: Saying Yes To The Dress Based On Other’s Opinions


The last big regret we hear from our brides about purchasing their wedding dress is when they base their wedding dress choice on the advice or opinions of others, including family, friends, coworkers, their fiance, bridal party, and bridesmaids. Brides who base their dress decision on what others like instead of choosing the wedding dress that they felt the most beautiful in often regret their dress choice on their wedding day. 


As bridal stylists at Lovella, we experience all kinds of opinionated wedding dress shopping guests from moms to fiances to bridesmaids. For more on who to bring with you to your dress shopping appointment, be sure to check out our guide for wedding dress shopping with opinionated guests. 


You may have friends or family members telling you what style of wedding dress to wear or how much you should spend on your wedding dress. These opinions can feel very loud and true. We want to encourage all brides to take the advice and opinions of others into consideration, but don’t let those opinions be the main deciding point on which wedding dress you ultimately choose. 


At Lovella, we have seen brides come in for their alteration appointments feeling very anxious or upset about their wedding dress decision because they did not pick the wedding dress that they loved. Instead, they choose a wedding dress based on outside factors and the opinions of others. 


You should purchase a wedding dress that suits your wedding day vision and makes you feel amazing. 


Choose A Dress That You Love


Whether it comes down to outside opinions, the price of the dress, or even the delivery date, we only want brides to be happy with their wedding dress decisions. We never want to hear that one of our brides walked down the aisle in a wedding dress that they didn’t love and didn’t feel their absolute best in.


We don’t want this to happen to you to be upset or to regret your choices. Maybe you need to ignore someone’s opinion or spend a little bit more money on the wedding dress of your dreams, no matter what, we want you to be prepared for all scenarios when shopping for your wedding dress. We don’t want you to settle for a wedding dress that does not make you feel beautiful.  


A wedding dress is a big investment. You should feel your best when walking down the aisle on your wedding day. 


At Lovella, we’ve even seen brides who end up purchasing two wedding gowns. They decide they don’t love the dress they ended up buying in the first place, and so they decide to purchase the original wedding dress they did love and now they have two wedding dresses. We don’t want you to have to go through the stressful situation of buying two wedding dresses and hoping to be able to sell the wedding dress you no longer want to wear. 


We hope that you learned from former brides' mistakes when it comes to finding your dream wedding dress. These are certainly not all of the regrets that brides have, but they are definitely the most common wedding dress regrets that we hear about consistently. 


We hope you take these tips into consideration so you don’t find yourself in one of these common situations of regret. We want all of our future brides to be spared any heartache, remorse, and regret. We want you to find a wedding dress that you love, that makes you feel as beautiful and confident as you are.



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