How To Hang Your Wedding Dress Like A Professional

How To Hang Your Wedding Dress Like A Professional

How To Hang Your Wedding Dress Like A Professional. Mobile Image

Nov 30, 2022

Are you wondering how to care for your bridal gown after you've picked it up from your bridal shop, but before your wedding day? How should I hang my wedding gown to keep it looking perfect in time for my wedding? We're going to get into everything you need to know about proper care of your wedding dress and how to hang your wedding gown like a professional bridal stylist.


We are sharing some important advice for brides to know for after they have found their dream wedding dress. We have covered so many topics in relation to shopping for your wedding dress and how to be prepared when you find your dream wedding dress. But what happens after you have found your wedding dress or bridal outfit? You have probably spent hours and hours online and in bridal stores to find your perfect wedding dress and you want to ensure that it looks amazing on wedding day. Caring for your bridal dress leading up to wedding day is an important task to not be overlooked in your wedding planning.


Learn everything you need to know about properly hanging your wedding dress and all the components to consider to prevent damage to your bridal gown leading up to your wedding day. Brides should also know that hanging your dress properly after your wedding day is also very important to maintain the integrity of your bridal dress.


Video: How to Hang Your Wedding Dress Like A Professional


If you are more of a visual learner, we recommend checking out our video on how to hang your wedding dress like a professional so you can easily see the best way to hang and store any style of wedding dress and formal gown. 



Inner Straps


At Lovella, we are often asked by brides how they should care for their wedding dress leading up to the big wedding day, including how to store and hang their bridal gown. It is important for brides to know how to hang their wedding dress from the time they pick it up from the bridal store until it is time to get dressed on their wedding day. This important advice can also apply to any formal gown and bridesmaids' dresses as well, so be sure to share these tips with your wedding party too. 


No matter what style or silhouette wedding dress you chose, it is important to hang and store it properly so that it maintains its shape and does not get damaged before the wedding day. The best way to hang your wedding dress is with the inner straps. Wedding dresses are big garments that can be bulky and are made of a lot of fabric. They can be quite heavy and so you need to be sure to hang them correctly. 


If your wedding dress has straps or sleeves, hanging the dress by these parts can cause them to stretch out or become damaged. Always be sure to use the inner straps to hang your bridal dress. These inner straps will be attached to your wedding dress at the bodice, closer to your waist than from the top of the dress. Using these inner straps to hang the wedding gown will ensure that the weight of the wedding dress is more evenly distributed. You don’t want to hang your bridal gown by its sleeves or straps as you might undo any of the work done during the alterations process where your bridal dress is tailored to fit you perfectly.  


Dresses With Boning


If you have a wedding dress with boning, you will also want to pay particular attention to how you hang your wedding dress so that the integrity and shape of the boning is not altered. If you do not know what boning is, it is a piece of hard plastic that is put in place to manipulate the way fabrics lay. Think of a corset top or even underwire bras, boning works in quite the same way to help the bridal garment hold its shape. But, wedding dress boning it is only plastic and so it is malleable and can be bent.


Many wedding dresses with boning will have a small string to connect the boning to the inner strap and keep everything in place. This little string will ensure that the boning stays alongside the inner strap and does not get bent. At Lovella, we often have our seamstresses sew the boning to the inner strap so that it will not move and get bent. You want the boning in your wedding dress to be lifted up straight and for the weight to be held from under the armpit area of your dress. You definitely don’t want to have a piece of plastic poking you in the waist on your wedding day! 


Wedding Dress Trains


In addition to making sure your wedding dress straps and bodice keep their shape, there is another part of your wedding gown to pay attention to when storing your dress before the wedding day. For any bride who has a wedding dress with a train, you will not want to miss this tip. You have probably seen the loop on the bottom of your wedding dress train and wondered what that loop is for. Many brides have asked us about these loops when they are in our bridal store for their appointments to try on dresses and for their alterations appointments. 


You have probably seen brides using this loop around their wrist to help carry their wedding dress train on the wedding day. And while you can use the loop to help you carry your bridal gown's train on your wedding day, that is not what the loop is designed to do. This loop is designed to be used for storing your wedding dress properly. The loop at the bottom of your wedding dress train is intended to go up over the hanger so that you can hang your dress without the train bunching up. This is especially important when you are storing your wedding dress in your garment bag leading up to the big day. You don’t want to show up on your wedding day and find your dress all bunched up and wrinkled.


If you were to hang your wedding dress with a train from the inner straps alone, it will be a lot of weight pulling down on your wedding dress. The loop on your bridal dress train will help distribute the weight while your wedding dress is hanging.


One last thing to be mindful of with these loops is that they may need to be cut off on the wedding day depending on the type of fabric your dress train is made of. If your wedding dress train is more transparent or has a lot of lace, you may be able to see the loop through the train and that may show in your wedding day photos. It is a good idea to keep a small pair of scissors in your wedding day emergency kit and snip off the loop of string before you head down the aisle.  


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