Tips To Consider Before Buying An Off The Shoulders Wedding Dress

Tips To Consider Before Buying An Off The Shoulders Wedding Dress

Tips To Consider Before Buying An Off The Shoulders Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Apr 19, 2023

If you are a bride who is beginning to shop of your wedding dress and are wondering about the various design styles and wedding dress silhouettes, then this advice post is for you! These tips and advice will be especially helpful for brides who are considering, or who have already, purchased an off the shoulders style wedding dress. Off-Shoulder wedding dresses are very trendy right now and have been becoming more and more popular with wedding dress designers and brides alike. 


Some of the most common reasons we have brides choose off the shoulder wedding dresses is for the beautiful look of this style dress and to also hide their arms. Wanting to cover up or hide their arms is one of the top bridal insecurities and one that we hear from brides at Lovella all the time. If you are a bride who is insecure about their arms, you may want to consider an off shoulder wedding dress, but you should know the limitations and other factors to consider when wearing an off the shoulder style bridal gown. 


Off the shoulder wedding dresses offer a fun design element and is a style that will not be going out of fashion any time soon. Today, we are going to share our top tips that brides should consider before buying an off the shoulders wedding dress or bridal outfit. We have the insight brides need to know when it comes to wearing an off the shoulders style wedding gown on wedding day.


Beauty Over Function


We have many brides at Lovella who fall in love with an off-the-shoulder style wedding dress or perhaps come into their appointment knowing they want to try on this style of bridal gown. We often hear feedback from these brides that they don’t feel completely secure in this style of wedding dress. One important factor to consider when thinking about off shoulders wedding dresses is that you will not have the same type or amount of support that you would with a traditional strap that goes over the top of your shoulder like your bra or a tank top. 


Off the shoulders wedding dresses are not designed with straps that offer much support. These off shoulder straps are not doing any work of holding your wedding dress up or bearing any of the weight of your bridal gown. You will need to have your wedding dress taken in to be fairly snug by your wedding dress seamstress in the alterations process so that your dress stays snug on your body as a strapless wedding dress would. 


Off the shoulders wedding dresses are designed for detail more than functionality. The off shoulder straps are there as an extra design element rather than a functional detail of the dress. 




Another important aspect to consider when it comes to off shoulder wedding dresses is mobility or moving around on wedding day. Brides thinking of wearing an off the shoulders wedding dress should know that there is going to be a bit of a mobility restriction with this style of wedding dress. With this style of strap, brides are not going to be able to lift their arms all the way up. This may not be a deal breaker for some brides, but if you are a dancer or a big hugger, it’s something to keep in mind. Any movement that is too sudden or too big could cause a tear in the fabric or even rip the straps right off your wedding dress. 




When shopping for an off the shoulders wedding dress, brides will see a few different options when it comes to construction and functionality of these straps. Some off the shoulders straps are attached to the body of the wedding dress with elastic looped over a button to give it a little more range of motion. 


Another option is to have the straps actually sewn onto the body of the dress. We like to suggest this style as you can then ask your seamstress to add a bit of elastic to the strap itself so it kind of hugs your arm below the shoulder. This gives brides a bit more versatility as you could then move the strap up onto your shoulder and make it an actual strap. This style of strap is a bit more functional and gives brides a two in one wedding day look. 


Video: Tips to Consider Before Buying an Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress


Be sure to check out the accompanying video if you are a bride who likes the style and look of an off-the-shoulders wedding dress. You will see our Wedding Fashion Expert explain the different options for wearing an off-shoulder wedding dress and share all the tips to consider before buying an off-shoulder wedding dress.




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