Tips For Styling & Wearing Gloves On Your Wedding Day

Tips For Styling & Wearing Gloves On Your Wedding Day

Tips For Styling & Wearing Gloves On Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Feb 01, 2023

Are you thinking about wearing bridal gloves on your wedding day with your wedding dress?? You're in luck because we're going to be talking about everything brides need to know about stying and wearing gloves on their wedding day. From long long, to short gloves to removables sleeves to gloves with sparkles or pearls, we're all about the bridal gloves today!


If you are a bride who is ready to shop for your bridal accessories to wear on wedding day, then today’s advice topic is one you won’t want to miss. You’ve found your dream wedding dress and now you are ready to complete your bridal look. Along with choosing jewelry to wear on wedding day, you may be thinking about a wedding veil or a belt to add extra detail to your bridal dress. There is another bridal accessory you may or may not be familiar with and that is bridal gloves.


As you may remember, gloves were a huge hit on the wedding fashion runways this year with bridal dress designers and gloves are a huge trend in wedding fashion. We’re going to be talking all about bridal gloves in today’s advice blog post. How you should choose your bridal gloves, what the different styles and lengths of bridal gloves are, and how you should wear or style them on wedding day. If you are curious about bridal gloves for your wedding day look, don’t miss all our tips and advice for wearing bridal gloves on wedding day.


Personalize The Style


Like many accessories you may wear, whether on wedding day or just in everyday life, it all comes down to your personal style and what you gravitate towards. When it comes to wearing gloves on wedding day, the sky is the limit in terms of how you want to style them. It's personal preference in terms of what fabric or materials you want to use for your bridal gloves.  


Ideally, we would recommend matching your bridal gloves to your wedding dress material somehow so you have a cohesive look. Your gloves don’t necessarily need to be made out of the same material as your wedding dress, but that is certainly an option. If you want an all-matching look, go for it. If you want to mix up the materials and fabrics, go for it! It can be a fun way to add in a little different texture or fabric to your bridal look.  


Wedding Rings


One main thing to consider if you are thinking about wearing gloves on wedding day, particularly during your wedding ceremony, is when it comes time to exchange wedding rings. If you are wearing full-length gloves that cover your fingers, you will either have to wear your wedding ring on top of the gloves or else remove the gloves during the ceremony so you can exchange rings with your partner. 


If you don’t want to remove your gloves during the wedding ceremony, you should look for a glove made of very thin material so that your ring can slide overtop your glove. And be sure to test this out when you are shopping. It’s much better to have these logistics worked out prior to the wedding day than to have a moment of fumbling around during your wedding ceremony. 


If you are okay with removing your bridal gloves during your wedding ceremony, we would recommend wearing your engagement ring underneath the glove when you walk down the aisle and then removing both gloves before exchanging rings. Hand-off your gloves to your maid or man of honor, whoever is standing next to you, and then you can leave the wedding ceremony gloveless.


If you opt for a fingerless bridal glove option, something that is more like a cuff bridal glove style, it can allow your engagment ring to show through and you can exchange wedding bands without needing to remove your bridal gloves. 


Overall Bridal Look


Another important tip when shopping for bridal gloves is to be sure to see your overall wedding day look with all your bridal accessories. Try everything on at once - your wedding dress, your wedding veil, any jewelry you plan to wear on the wedding day, your bridal gloves, and even a bouquet, if you can manage. Make sure that everything you plan to wear on your wedding day looks cohesive and works together. 


Take photos and videos of your bridal look so you get another perspective. How things look in the mirror and how they photograph can sometimes vary, so be sure you are happy with how everything looks both to your eye and in photos. You want to make sure that your accessories are complimenting each other. You don’t want your bridal gloves to be overpowering your overall bridal look. 


Bridal accessories are so personalized, you want to make sure that what you choose is elevating your wedding day look and really complimenting your personal style. 


When to wear bridal gloves on your wedding day really comes down to your personal style and preference. Maybe you wear them only for your wedding ceremony. Or maybe you wear a fun rehearsal dinner outfit paired with gloves. You could even opt to add gloves later on the wedding day when you are announced at your wedding reception to change up your bridal look on the wedding day.


Video: Tips for Styling & Wearing Gloves on Your Wedding Day


Be sure to check out this week's wedding fashion advice video for all the tips you need to know about styling and wearing gloves on your wedding day



Sentimental Reminder 


When it comes to bridal gloves, the possibilities are really endless. They can be styled in so many different ways to really customize your wedding day look. One of our favorite trends we are seeing is where brides are personalizing their bridal gloves with written messages for a really sweet and personal detail. Be sure to check out more wedding fashion trends from bridal dress designers.


Bridal gloves don’t have to be worn just on your wedding day either! They can be an accessory you wear with other outfits and will give you a sweet reminder to think back to your wedding day whenever you wear your gloves. Your bridal gloves can be an investment accessory. Perhaps you wear them on your wedding anniversary or for another special occasion, and it will be a sentimental reminder of the vows you exchanged with your partner. 


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