Top 5 Bridal Party Accessory Trends

Top 5 Bridal Party Accessory Trends

Top 5 Bridal Party Accessory Trends. Mobile Image

May 22, 2024

We recently shared the new bridal fashion trends and new bridal accessory trends that we saw on the runways of New York Bridal Fashion Week. While our main focus is on bridal fashion and wedding dresses, the bride is not the only person in need of a wedding day outfit and accessories! Trending fashion and accessories is not limited to just the bride - the bridal party is also important. Today we will share the top five bridal party accessory trends. Most of these accessory trends are geared towards bridesmaids, but we do have one tip to share for any brides who may have men in their bridal party as well.


If you are ready to help your wedding party accessorize their wedding day outfits or are shopping for gifts for your bridal party, you are in the right place! Many of these accessory trends will make for great, long lasting gifts that can be worn for many years beyond wedding day.


Video: Top 5 Bridal Party Accessory Trends


If you are a bride who is thinking about gifts for your wedding party and bridesmaids or are wondering how you can help your bridal party accessorize their wedding day outfits, be sure to tune in to our advice video sharing the top 5 bridal party accessory trends. Our wedding fashion expert is showcasing some of her favorite trending bridal party accessory pieces from Maria Elena, one of our favorite accessory designers. 



Trend 1: Statement Earrings With Color


Earrings are one of the most common jewelry accessories and can be a great gift for your bridal party. Many brides will want their bridesmaids to wear the same earrings for a cohesive look. Or maybe you want to pick out a more personalized set of earrings for each bridesmaid to match their dress, if you are going the mix and match style route. Either way, statement earrings is one trend that is everlasting.


We love a statement earring with a bit of color in it to really shine. Jewelry is a common gift brides give to their bridesmaids and we find that doing a statement earring can be a cost savings versus buying two items like a necklace and smaller earring. A longer statement earring is a better option than a smaller earring, like a stud, because studs are often hidden behind hair and don’t show up as much in photos and video, especially from a distance.


Statement Emerald earrings by Maria Elena


Statement black earrings by Maria Elena


Trend 2: Nature-Inspired Earrings


Continuing with the statement earring trend, bridal party accessory trend two is nature-inspired earrings. These earrings are great because they are different and add a lot of dimension to a wedding day outfit. Think fun florals and insects like dragonflies. These nature-inspired earrings can add a lot of romance or playfulness to your bridal party attire and is a fun way to mix up the accessories for each bridesmaid.


Statement floral earrings by Maria Elena


Statement floral earrings by Maria Elena


Trend 3: Barrettes


Who doesn’t love a sparkly hair accessory?! While the bride is usually the one who will have a more elaborate hairpiece, a sparkle or glitter barrette is a great option to add a little glam touch for your bridesmaids in a more subtle way. A hair barrette is another great gift option that you can personalize for each bridesmaid, opting for a slightly different style for each person, but still having a cohesive look with a little sparkle for everyone.


Crystal barrette by Maria Elena


Crystal barrette by Maria Elena


Trend 4: Bridesmaids Rings


While wedding day rings are usually thought of as only for the bride and groom, we love the idea of bridesmaids rings. Think of these as a kind of more grown up version of a friendship necklace. This is another great gift idea and really fun option to help your bridesmaids accessorize. You could all have matching rings as a special way to remember your wedding day and think of the cute photos you can get as you all cheers a glass of champagne with your matching rings.


A bridesmaid ring is another place you can really customize and personalize an accessory. You can of course go the all matching route, but you could also choose a favorite color for each bridal party member. Earrings and a necklace are pretty standard gifts and accessories for bridesmaids and we love the idea of changing it up a bit with a unique ring.


Colorful rings by Maria Elena


Trend 5: Lapel Pins


The last wedding party accessory trend we want to highlight is a gender neutral option. Perhaps you have a “man of honor” rather than a “maid of honor” or you have bridesmaids wearing a suit, a special lapel pin is a great accessory option. This trend doesn’t just have to be for the bridal party either - this can be a great gift for the groomsmen too. A customized lapel pin is a great heirloom gift, whether you pick a unique symbol for everyone to match or opt for something more personalized like a monogram. There are endless options for customization here and the chance to gift your wedding party an heirloom piece.


White floral pin by Maria Elena


Gold and pearl flower pin by Maria Elena


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