Top 8 Bridal Accessory Trends Spotted During New York Bridal Fashion Week

Top 8 Bridal Accessory Trends Spotted During New York Bridal Fashion Week

Top 8 Bridal Accessory Trends Spotted During New York Bridal Fashion Week. Mobile Image

May 15, 2024

We can not stop thinking about all the incredible wedding dresses and bridal fashion we had the opportunity to see at New York Bridal Fashion Week this spring! In our last post, we shared the top 7 wedding dress trends we saw at New York Bridal Fashion Week. This week is all about the bridal accessories. Of course we love helping brides find their dream wedding dresses at our bridal shop in Los Angeles, but we don’t stop at just the gown. We also love helping brides complete their wedding day look with bridal accessories. Styling and accessorizing your wedding dress can take your bridal look to the next level and helps brides express their personalities.


Straight from the runways and bridal designer showrooms, we saw eight wedding accessory trends that we can’t wait to share with our brides shopping for their wedding day outfits for 2025 weddings and beyond. The top eight bridal accessory trends we saw at New York Bridal Fashion Week are: veils with texture, personalized headbands, accessories with fabric, pearl chokers, bow details, micro crowns, white infused headpieces and pearl earrings.


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If you are a bride who is shopping for their wedding dress or have already found your dream dress and are now on the hunt for your wedding day accessories, don't miss our recap of the top 8 bridal accessory trends from New York Bridal Fashion Week



Trend 1: Veils with Texture


We always love a veil moment for brides. Even if you think you don’t want to wear a wedding veil, we encourage you to at least try on a veil or two when wedding dress shopping. One of the most common regrets we hear from brides after wedding day is that they wish they wore a veil because it felt like something was missing from their wedding day outfit. A wedding veil is an easy way to really make you feel like a “bride”.


New to wedding veils at New York Bridal Fashion Week this spring are veils with texture. Bridal fashion designers are using veils to have a really fun design and accessory moment. Wedding veils with fun and unique textures and intricate details were popular on the runways. Designers were manipulating fabrics in textural ways combined with beautiful trim details, lace detailing and sparkle touches.


Trend 2: Personalized Headbands


Bridal fashion accessory trend number two that we are really excited about comes from Maria Elena Headpieces, which is a designer we love and carry at Lovella. These personalized headbands are such a fun piece for brides to wear on wedding day or even at the events leading up to wedding day, like the bridal shower, and post-wedding on your honeymoon. These custom headbands allow you to put your new initials or a monogram for an extra personalized touch. You could opt to just put the first initial of your name or your new last name and this can become a family heirloom that is passed down.


Trend 3: Accessories with Fabric


We already touched on wedding veils with fabric, but we also saw fabric being used creatively in other bridal accessories. We saw many beautiful headpieces using fabric and textural elements.


Wedding dresses with textural details were also trending at this spring’s Bridal Fashion Week in New York. Combined with textural wedding veils and a textural headpiece, there are so many great fashion moments available to brides that we are excited to style.


Trend 4: Pearl Chokers


Pearls will always be a timeless bridal accessory and we love seeing them used in new and trending ways. The runways featured gorgeous pearl chokers that tied in beautifully with wedding dresses that had pearl detailing.


Trend 5: Bow Details


Bows are a huge trend right now in fashion and that includes bridal fashion and accessories. We saw many wedding dresses with fun bow details along with many bridal accessories featuring bows. Bows were found on bridal earrings in both pearl and rhinestone styles which we love as a playful and feminine touch. Bridal headpieces with bows are also a popular style. Adding a bridal accessory with a bow could be a great option for you if you are looking for a more subtle way to incorporate bows into your bridal fashion.


Trend 6: Micro Crowns


We love a bridal headpiece or crown to accessorize a bride’s hairstyle on wedding day. Once you remove your wedding veil, typically after your wedding ceremony, a bridal crown is a great piece to have so your bridal hair is still elevated. We loved seeing micro crowns on the runways this year as we think this is the perfect accessory for brides who want to wear a headpiece but think a true tiara is a bit much for them. A micro crown will still give you that bridal feeling without being over the top.


Trend 7: White Infused Accessories


In years past, bridal designers were showcasing a lot of sparkle and bling in their bridal accessories. This season we are seeing softer elements trending in bridal accessories. Designers were using more white elements, like pearl and beads, instead of crystals, giving a softer and more romantic look to bridal accessories. This trend was especially evident in bridal headpieces and we love the contrast it gives against a bride’s hair and the dimension it adds.


Trend 8: Pearl Earrings


The last bridal accessory trend we want to highlight features pearls again. We saw many pearl detailed earrings and earcuffs on the runways and in showrooms. We love the extra bit of texture that pearls on ear jewelry add and an earcuff can be a fun and playful moment that’s a bit unique and nontraditional.


We can’t wait to see how our upcoming brides take these trends and make them their own to style and accessorize their dream wedding dresses.


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