Wedding Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know About Fitting Into Your Dress

Wedding Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know About Fitting Into Your Dress

Wedding Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know About Fitting Into Your Dress. Mobile Image

Aug 08, 2022

Are you thinking about losing weight before your wedding? Do you want to lose weight before you go wedding dress shopping? If you're at all worried about your body size and shopping for a wedding dress, you'll love today's bridal styling advice post as we give our expert advice with everything brides need to know about losing weight and shopping for a wedding dress. 


We are talking all about wedding weight loss and everything you need to know about fitting into your wedding dress. We’ll talk about our recommended cutoff date for you to be at your ideal weight for your wedding, if shredding for your wedding is a good idea or not, and all the details you need to make sure that your body is in the right place at the right time for your wedding dress to fit you properly. We want all brides to walk down that aisle feeling beautiful and confident! 


Leading up to your wedding day, we know that all brides want to look their absolute best. When it comes to your skin, your hair, your nails, your body, your makeup, you name it, you want to look flawless from head to toe on your wedding day. All eyes will be on you as the bride! In today’s social media craze and all the photo and video filters out there, we know this can also add even more pressure on brides to look a certain way or have a certain body image on their wedding day. 


If you have begun planning your wedding, then you have no doubt seen posts about “shredding for the wedding” and getting into the best shape possible in time for your wedding day. We wanted to give our thoughts and advice on the topic of losing weight before your wedding day as the wedding diet culture can be overwhelming and really unhealthy.  


VIDEO: Wedding Weight Loss


Before we dive into this week's discussion on weight loss before the wedding, be sure to check out this week's advice video with all the insight you need to start a healthy lifestyle journey and all the tips you need to know about fitting into your wedding dress




Make Healthy Changes Early 


We will never tell our brides that they need to lose weight before their wedding day. We are confident that we can help any bride find their dream wedding dress that makes them feel beautiful at any body size. But we know that there is so much pressure to lose weight or get into shape before your wedding, so we wanted to give you our best bridal styling tips for feeling confident and comfortable on your wedding day. 


We fully support making healthy lifestyle changes and want all brides to feel their best on wedding day. We certainly don’t recommend doing a crash diet just a few months or weeks before your wedding day. It’s not healthy for your body to be put in complete shock and expect crazy changes just months, weeks or even days before your wedding. If you go the “shredding for the wedding” path, you’re giving yourself such a small window to achieve something. 


We encourage you to consider starting whatever routine you think that you want to implement to maintain a body weight or muscle structure, whatever your goal is, about a year before your wedding. Get started on it sooner rather than later so that you have the time to give yourself grace in the process. Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight, and you don’t need to add any more stress to the wedding planning process. 



Alterations Timing Is Important


If you have been reading our blog for a while now, then you already know that we encourage all brides to order their wedding gown at least six to eight months before their wedding date. With the pandemic recovery supply chain delays that we are still experiencing, brides should now be ordering their wedding dresses at least one year before their wedding day. 


Your wedding dress will be ordered based on your current body measurements. As women, it is normal for our bodies to fluctuate throughout the month, but your waist, hip and bust measurements will get you into a close fitting wedding gown. From there, the alterations process will get your wedding dress into the best fit for you. For more, be sure to read our post on what happens after your wedding dress arrives in the store.


This is why we encourage you to begin working out or healthy eating, whatever that lifestyle journey looks like for you, as early as possible in your wedding planning. The wedding dress alterations process only begins about two months before your wedding. If you're at that two month mark before your wedding, and you're not happy with how you look and you're going to do a “crash course, shredding for the wedding diet,” it can throw a wrench into things in many ways.


Pre-wedding crash diets add stress into your life to lose weight quickly, and it also creates an issue in the wedding dress alterations department. If we alter your wedding dress two months before your wedding and then you come back one month before your wedding for your next fitting and your body has fluctuated a lot, it means additional alterations work needs to be done on your bridal dress. You also now have to pay twice to complete your wedding gown alterations.  


And you might be thinking to yourself “why can't you just do my wedding dress alterations one month before the wedding?” Unfortunately, that is just not how bridal gown alterations typically work. Your bridal gown seamstresses need time to be able to do the work on your dress, along with many other brides’ dresses, and only one month before the wedding does not leave enough time to get you back in the bridal dress store for a second and final wedding dress fitting to continue to edit and evolve your alterations.


Shopping For The Right Size Dress


Often at Lovella Bridal, we hear from brides who are shopping for a wedding dress that they are working to lose weight, particularly in those areas that many women and brides are insecure about, their tummy and their arms. We hear from many brides who are searching for their dream bridal dress that they want to order their wedding gown in a size smaller than what their current measurements fit at the time of ordering so that they will have motivation to lose weight prior to their wedding. 


Another common thought we hear from brides shopping for a wedding dress in regards to losing weight before their wedding, is that they will just wait to purchase their wedding dress until after they have started their diet or lost a certain amount of weight. We highly discourage this plan to wait to shop and order your wedding dress until you lose weight because life happens. What if you aren’t able to lose weight before your wedding is ordered as easily as you think? Or you just get busy with life, family, and wedding planning and don’t have all the time to work out like you planned? 


We would rather you work on feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin, the way you are right now because life things happen and it's possible that you may not lose the weight or get as toned as you hope before your wedding.


Regardless of your reasons why you wait, if you do wait order your wedding dress you are putting yourself at a serious disavantage. We recommend that brides order their wedding dress at least a year prior to their wedding day to give themselves the most selection and options in dress styles and designers possible. 


When To Go Dress Shopping


We always tell our brides to go shopping for their wedding dress when they're not feeling the most confident about their bodies. Find a wedding dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful when you feel the least confident about your body. That is how you know you have found an incredible wedding dress for you because if life does happen and you don't get to your goal weight or whatever you hope to achieve by your wedding day, then you still have a wedding dress that you love because you bought it when you felt the most insecure about your body.  


For more, be sure to read our post on when to start wedding dress shopping.


Take Care Of Yourself


If you can start all of your healthy habits early and build up to it, it’s going to be a win-win for everyone involved. That way when you get to the two-month mark before your wedding, you already have a system in place, whether it's your workout plan, your eating habits, your work routine, or whatever those habits may be. You have it set your habits so you are able to maintain your body size and less stress leading up to your wedding.


For more, be sure to read our tips for wedding dress shopping when you're losing weight.


Some people tend to gain weight during stressful periods of life, so be sure to also keep your stress levels and mental health in check too during your wedding planning. Your stress and mental health are just as important as a number on the scale in helping you feel beautiful and confident.  


More Helpful Advice


We hope you have found this advice on losing weight before your wedding helpful. Be sure to check out these other helpful posts regarding first starting to shop for a wedding dress all the way through the alterations process:



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