Why You Should Wait to Try on Veils When Wedding Dress Shopping

Why You Should Wait to Try on Veils When Wedding Dress Shopping

Why You Should Wait to Try on Veils When Wedding Dress Shopping. Mobile Image

Jul 19, 2023

Are you shopping for a bridal veil to complete your wedding outfit? We have five tips that brides need to know before purchasing their bridal veil.  If you are a bride who is ready to shop for your wedding dress, you will not want to miss this important shopping advice. We want all brides to make the most of their wedding dress shopping appointments and shop smart when trying on wedding dresses and find their bridal accessories. While many brides may expect to try on many different wedding dresses during a shopping appointment before finding the one they want to wear on wedding day, we encourage you to try on wedding veils a bit differently.


When it comes to shopping for your bridal accessories, particularly your wedding veil, we think brides should wait to try on veils when wedding dress shopping. Follow along as we share why it can be important to wait until you have narrowed down your wedding dress options before choosing your wedding veil.


Don’t Waste Time


Depending on your bridal stylist and where you are shopping for your wedding dress, brides may experience trying on a full wedding day look with each bridal dress they put on. We would encourage not trying on wedding dresses this way because it can waste valuable time during your appointment. Your time with the bridal consultant is limited, many times to only an hour and so you will want to make the most of that time and try on as many wedding dresses that appeal to you. If you are taking the time to try on wedding veils at the same time, it will eat into the time you have left to try on other styles of dresses.


VIDEO: Why You Should Wait to Try on Veils When Wedding Dress Shopping


If you are a bride to be who is ready to begin shopping for your wedding dress, you won't want to miss this advice video all about why you should wait to try on veils when wedding dress shopping. Be sure to tune in before your first wedding dress shopping appointment so you can shop smart and make the most of your appointment. 



Only An Accessory


When shopping for your wedding dress, you want to decide on the actual dress before moving on to bridal accessories. You aren’t going to wear your wedding veil for the entire day on wedding day, so don’t let it be the star of your bridal outfit.


If you say yes to a dress or a dress really excites you because you love the veil with it, then you would be buying the dress for the wrong reason. We know that veils are a very important details for many brides, but keep in mind that it should not be not the make or break element of your wedding day look.


At Lovella, we encourage all brides to wear a veil on wedding day. Unless you are really against it or just not excited about wearing a veil, we think you should at least consider wearing a veil and trying on some options once you have found your wedding dress. A veil gives brides such a dramatic, traditional moment, especially when walking down the aisle. However, in the end, it will all come down to your personal preference.


Don’t Skew Your View


One of the main reasons that we don’t recommend trying on a veil with every single dress you try on is that oftentimes the veil can skew a bride's decision if they like the dress. When you see things with the veil, it’s giving you a more complete look and you might fall in love with the overall look. We would urge you to first focus on the wedding dress itself. As we said earlier, you won’t be wearing your wedding veil all day long, so you need to love the dress on it’s own.


If you need a veil to fall in love with a dress, then it’s not the right dress for you. We’ve seen brides fall in love with a dress because of how it looked with a veil, but didn’t love their look in the dress alone. Keep in mind that you will have photos taken on wedding day both with and without your veil, so you need to love your dress without all the extra accessories.


Top Two Dresses


As we mentioned earlier, you don’t want to waste time during your shopping appointments. We want you to get in and out of as many dresses as quickly as you can so you can try on as many dresses as you want. Don’t waste time fully accessorizing a dress that you aren’t going to buy. Your primary focus should be on finding your dream wedding dress.

Once you find your top two dresses, then we suggest moving on to veils and other bridal accessories. If you find two dresses that you love, then allow the veil and accessories to finish off the look. It’s okay at that point to let yourself be swayed by the veil and finishing touches, especially if you are between two dresses that you love.


Veil Styles


Once you find your wedding dress, you might be unsure of what style or type of veil to choose. Our recommendation is to start with a simple, plain cathedral length veil. A long cathedral veil is a great option to have that dramatic moment walking down the aisle. The long veil will also not create an interruption in the visual look of the back of the dress like a shorter veil will. A long veil also adds so much drama for your wedding photos and videos as you can really play with it and create some lovely moments.


If you think you might want a shorter veil, certainly try one on so you can compare and see how you feel in both lengths. One tip to not forget when trying on wedding veils is to have someone take a photo of the veil from behind. It’s going to be hard for you to really see the veil and appreciate it while you are wearing it. You want to see how the veil and the dress photograph, because that is oftentimes slightly different than what you are seeing in person and in the mirror. Things don’t always translate one hundred percent from in person to photo. Look at the photos while you are in the dress and compare the two. But don’t forget to also consider how you feel in the dress and the veil. You want to choose the dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident.


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