Wedding Fashion Accessory Trends In Detail

Wedding Fashion Accessory Trends In Detail

Wedding Fashion Accessory Trends In Detail. Mobile Image

Jun 21, 2023

If you are a bride who has found their dream wedding dress and are ready to shop for your wedding day accessories, you will not want to miss today's bridal fashion advice. Bridal accessories, such as wedding veils, hair combs, and crowns, can help complete your overall bridal fashion look for wedding day. Bridal accessories are an amazing way to elevate your wedding day look and really showcase your bridal style and personality. We recently shared advice on the top trending wedding fashion accessories and are excited to share some of our favorite examples of these new trends from New York Bridal Fashion Week. 


To recap the top 9 wedding fashion accessory trends, we have statement earrings, hair accessories, layered necklaces, veils, bold shoes, bridal jackets, bridal capes, bridal gloves, and statement clutches. Follow along as we showcase some new bridal accessory designs from behind the scenes at New York Bridal Fashion Week. A quick note that we didn't have the chance to see one trend in person, and that is layered necklaces, so while that is a top bridal accessory trend, we don't have any specific examples to show at this time.


Video: Part 2: Top 8 Wedding Fashion Accessory Trends


Before we dive in to all the behind the scenes footage and examples of the latest wedding fashion accessory trends from New York Bridal Fashion week, be sure to watch this week's video showcasing the top 8 wedding fashion accessory trends



Trend 1: Dramatic Wedding Veils


The first wedding fashion accessory trend we saw at New York Bridal Fashion Week was dramatic wedding veils that match the wedding dress. We saw many wedding dress designers offering wedding veils that matched their bridal dresses, whether that be a lace trimmed wedding veil to complement a lace bridal dress or a pearl detailed wedding veil matching a pearl accented wedding dress. If you have the opportunity to choose a wedding veil that matches your bridal dress, we think that is one trend that brides should not miss out on. In addition to wedding veils that match the dress design and bridal embellishments, we are seeing a lot of dramatic, cathedral length wedding veils. 


 Above photo: Leah Da Gloria embroidered wedding veil


Above photo: lace trimmed wedding veil by Berta


Above photo: pearl wedding veil by Leah Da Gloria


Trend 2: Bridal Capes


The next wedding fashion accessory trend we are loving for multiple bridal looks on wedding day is bridal capes. We saw bridal capes in a variety of styles and materials at New York Bridal Fashion Week and love that a bride can change up her wedding day look by wearing a bridal cape for wedding day portraits or the wedding ceremony and then remove the cape for another look at the wedding reception. 


Above photo: feathered bridal cape by Berta


Above photo: feather bridal cape by Berta


Above photo: 3D lace appliques bridal cape by Ines Di Santo


Above photo: silk bridal cape by Ines Di Santo


Trend 3: Bridal Jackets


Similar to our last trend of bridal capes, the next trend we saw on the runway at New York Bridal Fashion week was bridal jackets. We love this lace and tulle bridal jacket by Zuhair Murad that gives brides the option to switch up their bridal fashion on wedding day. This lace dress is also an example of one of the top wedding dress fashion trends, removable details, as this lace bridal jacket is removable to give the bride a strapless dress look. 



Trend 4: Bridal Gloves


The next wedding fashion accessory trend we saw a lot of variety of is bridal gloves. At New York Bridal Fashion Week, we saw bridal gloves in many different lengths and made of many different materials from sparkle to lace. We love that many of the designers are making bridal gloves that match the wedding dress for a seamless look. 

For more on wearing gloves on wedding day, be sure to check out our past advice post on styling and wearing gloves on wedding day.


Above photo: long silk bridal gloves by Berta


Above photo: short lace bridal gloves by Berta


Above photo: tulle bridal gloves with lace appliques by Berta


Above photo: fingerless, sparkle bridal gloves by Berta


Trend 5: Bold Shoes


A wedding accessory that some brides may not put a lot of thought into is their wedding day shoes. We love a shoe fashion moment on wedding day, especially a bold bridal shoe that peeks out from your wedding dress. This Berta design features a bold shoe that is actually connected to tights that are worn under the bridal dress. 




Trend 6: Hair Accessories


The next wedding fashion accessory for brides to consider is hair accessories. This was trending huge at New York Bridal Fashion week with incredible designs for wedding day bridal hair. From tiaras to crowns and headbands to hair pins, we saw a large variety of different style bridal hair accessories. A popular motif was floral patterns with crystal or sparkle details. We love hair accessories to really complete a bride's wedding day look and add a bit of glamour to your bridal style. The below bridal hair accessories are all by Maria Elena. 






Trend 7: Statement Earrings


Going along with bridal hair accessories are statement earrings for the next bridal fashion accessory trend. We love a statement earring to really draw the eye up to the bride's face. We suggest choosing your bridal hair accessories and your bridal earrings from the same designer so you can ensure the metals match and the designs coordinate well together. The earrings below are all by Maria Elena.





Trend 8: Statement Clutch


The last wedding fashion accessory trend we are loving is statement clutches. These incredible detailed bridal clutches are perfect for a bride who wants to have the essentials close by on wedding day while also showing off their personality and making a statement. 




More Helpful Wedding Fashion Advice


We hope you found these examples of the newest wedding fashion accessory trends helpful and inspirational for all brides who are shopping for their dream wedding dress and bridal accessories. For even more helpful advice when it comes to bridal fashion, be sure to check out our past posts:



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