How To Wear & Style A Crown On Your Wedding Day

How To Wear & Style A Crown On Your Wedding Day

How To Wear & Style A Crown On Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Sep 13, 2023

If you are a bride who is ready to shop for their wedding day accessories, you will not want to miss this advice post. Once you have found your dream wedding dress, you get to have a little fun with choosing all of your bridal accessories to really complete your wedding day look. Everything from bridal jewelry and veils to shoes and hair accessories. The different accessories you wear on wedding day should highlight your bridal style and enhance the wedding dress you have chosen to wear.


One bridal accessory that has an endless amount of options, for all styles of brides, is hair accessories. We are talking tiaras, crowns, headbands, hairpins and hair combs. Today, we are going to highlight bridal crowns and the various ways you could wear a crown on your wedding day.


Video: Various Ways to Consider Wearing a Crown For Your Wedding


For any brides who are thinking about or planning on wearing a bridal crown or tiara on wedding day, be sure to tune in to this video to see our wedding fashion expert show examples of how to wear and style a crown on wedding day



Choosing Accessories


At Lovella, we always encourage our brides to pick their bridal accessories when they find their wedding dress and are ready to purchase their dress. There are multiple reasons for why brides should choose their accessories while they are in their wedding dress. If you are able to make decisions about your accessories while you are in the dress, it will just make life easier.


You want to be able to see the full vision, so once you decide on a dress, move on to trying on veils and hair accessories. You’ll be able to see your full bridal look all at once and ensure that fabrics and colors work well together and that everything coordinates.


If you wait to choose your accessories, you run the risk of possibly not having the dress available to try on at a later date. This can be true if you choose a dress during a trunk show, as that collection of gowns are only in store for a limited time. You can certainly pick out your veil and other accessories without the dress, but it will make things easier to do it all at once and get it off the wedding planning checklist.


Bridal Crowns


When it comes to bridal accessories, a wedding veil is probably the easiest item for a bride to choose. Many brides come to shop for their wedding dress already knowing that they want to wear a veil on wedding day. It’s kind of a no brainer, so it will be the first accessory to decide after you choose your wedding dress. A veil may even help sway you to a final decision if you are stuck between two bridal dresses.


When it comes to bridal headpieces, some brides are a bit more unsure because they don’t know yet how they will style their hair on wedding day. They may have heard that you can’t wear a bridal crown with your hair down or with short hair or that you should only wear a crown with a ballgown. We’re here to dispel all of these myths! Bridal crowns can be styled with any silhouette wedding dress and can be worn with all types of hair.


Ways To Wear A Crown


Bridal crowns are a versatile accessory that brides can style and wear in multiple ways. A bridal crown offers brides a lot of options when it comes to how to wear a bridal crown, you just have to get a little creative. We love a bridal crown because they are beautiful with or without a veil and can be worn in different ways.


The first way to wear a bridal crown on wedding day is in the traditional manner, like a tiara on the top of your head. You can easily add a veil when wearing a crown in this style. We think a crown worn in the traditional way looks great with hair that is worn down or styled in an updo.


If you happen to change your mind since buying a crown or are just not sure you want to wear your bridal crown anymore, we have a solution for you. You can take the crown and flip it upside down and wear it along the back of your head, which makes for an interesting headpiece. Again, this style can be worn with an updo or with your hair down. And you can easily add your veil comb above the crown.


We have also seen brides turn their crowns into more of a headband by wearing it flat a little further back on the top of their head. This won’t work for all crowns, but it may be an option for you depending on the curve of the crown.


Multiple Looks With One Crown


We love how versatile a bridal crown can be for brides on wedding day. Perhaps you are not a bride who plans on changing into a reception outfit or second wedding dress on wedding day. A crown can be a fun and easy way to switch up your bridal look on wedding day without requiring an entire outfit change.

You could opt for a crown worn in the traditional way at the top of your head along with your veil for your wedding ceremony. For the wedding reception, you can take the crown and flip it over and wear it on the back of your head and you instantly have a second look for the rest of wedding day.


One last tip is to be sure to bring your bridal crown or headpiece with you to your hair and makeup trial. Your hair stylist for wedding day is sure to have ideas on how to style your bridal hair with your crown and it’s a great opportunity to express your creativity and have a bit of fun.

More Helpful Bridal Styling Advice


We hope you have found this advice helpful when it comes to deciding how to wear and style a crown for your wedding day. For even more helpful advice when it comes to shopping for your dream wedding dress and bridal accessories, be sure to check out our past posts:




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