Should You Wear A Necklace On Wedding Day?

Should You Wear A Necklace On Wedding Day?

Should You Wear A Necklace On Wedding Day?. Mobile Image

Apr 17, 2024

While we love helping brides find their dream wedding dress! We also love helping them style the wedding dress they have fallen in love with and helping them to pull their whole wedding day fashion together in one cohesive look. You might think that a bridal store is just for shopping wedding dresses, but you can find many bridal accessories at the same time that you are shopping for your wedding dress. If you have been following our expert advice, then you already know that we highly recommend choosing your bridal accessories at the same time that you purchase your wedding dress. You want to ensure that all your accessories, like your wedding veil, will complement your bridal dress and this is much easier to do when you are wearing the dress that you'll wear on wedding day.


Once you have found your dream wedding dress, you’ll want to decide on what bridal accessories you want to wear on wedding day to complete your bridal look. Bridal accessories are a great way to express your personal style and make your wedding dress your own. Many brides often ask us what type of necklace to wear with a particular wedding dress based on the neckline of the dress. Follow along to decide if you should wear a necklace on wedding day as we share all of our tips and advice for what type of necklace to wear with various wedding dress necklines.


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If you are a bride who is shopping for your dream wedding dress or has already purchased your wedding dress, you won't want to forget about your bridal accessories. In addition to a wedding veil, you might be wondering what other bridal accessories to wear on wedding day. Be sure to watch this week's advice video to help you decide if you should wear a necklace on wedding day. Our bridal fashion expert will showcase various wedding dress necklines with different necklace options to help in your bridal styling decisions. 



Best Bridal Accessories


When it comes time to style and accessorize your wedding dress, there are a few staple accessories we usually recommend to our brides. The first one would be something in your hair, whether it’s a headpiece or a veil, or both of these items. We love a hair pin or a bridal crown to make a bridal feel elegant. Your wedding veil is going to be removed for the wedding reception so it’s a great idea to have another hair accessory for the reception.


Another accessory we recommend for brides is earrings. When choosing your wedding day earrings, you want to make a bit of a statement. Look for something a bit bigger than you might usually wear so they stand out and are visible from far away. Something that is long to frame your face is a great option. If you wear something like a stud earring, they are really not going to show up in your photos or to your guests.


The last accessory we recommend for brides is a bracelet. We typically suggest wearing a bracelet on your right wrist as it will balance your wedding rights on the left side. It’s a nice touch having a bracelet on for photos of you cutting the cake or toasting champagne on wedding day.


Necklace or Not?


We do not always recommend necklaces to our brides when it comes time to accessorize their wedding dress. A necklace can be a bit overwhelming if the bride is also wearing a headpiece, a wedding veil, long earrings, and a necklace altogether.


Of course, this won’t always be the case with every bride, but a necklace can be a bit busy with that many elements all together in one look. You can think of your bridal headpiece and veil as taking the place of a necklace on your wedding day.


Also, if you are opting for a bolder or longer style earring, a bare neck may make the most sense visually.


Styling Your Look


Our basic formula for bridal accessories is a headpiece, such as a veil or bridal crown, earrings, and a bracelet. But each bride is unique and a set formula will not suit all brides. When it comes time to choose your bridal accessories, experiment with different looks. Try different ways of styling your wedding dress so you can learn what you like best and what resonates with you.


Try different wedding veil lengths and different types of earrings. Add a necklace to the look and see what you think. Some bridal designers have matching accessories for their bridal gowns. If you watch the accompanying advice video, you will see our wedding fashion expert demonstrating different ways to style an off the shoulders wedding dress, including starting off with a neck piece designed to be worn with the Berta dress featured in the video. In the case of this particular wedding dress, a neck piece was also designed to be an accompanying bridal accessory that could be worn for the wedding ceremony or added for the reception or after party to give the bride a chance to change the wedding day look.


If your wedding dress has a lot of detail like lace or sparkle, don’t let that make you think you need to keep the accessories simple when you are styling your dress. You can certainly find accessories that complement the design of your dress and highlight those embellishments without being overpowering on their own. The shape of your wedding gown also should not limit your bridal accessories. You can wear any number of accessories with any silhouette wedding dress.


Express Yourself


In the end, remember that accessories are your opportunity to personalize your look and make it feel like you. Whatever you feel beautiful and confident in is going to be the right choice. Maybe you are not a long earring person and prefer to wear studs on wedding day. That’s a great option, just know that they may not be as visible in your wedding photos, and maybe you are okay with that. Perhaps you have a tennis necklace you love and want to wear on wedding day. That’s a great option to keep things a bit simpler, it just won’t be as visible from a distance.


Think of wedding day as like being on a stage. Actors often need to wear heavier makeup than usual or larger accessories to make their appearance more visible to the audience. When you are trying on bridal accessories in person, they are going to seem larger in person, and when you are looking at yourself in the mirror than they appear to your wedding guests and in your wedding photos. So be sure to step back and take in your overall look when trying on bridal accessories. Take photos in the different options so you can make a decision based on what you see on camera and in the mirror.


More Helpful Bridal Fashion Advice


We hope you have found this advice helpful when it comes to deciding on your bridal accessories and if you should wear a necklace on wedding day. For even more helpful advice when it comes to shopping for your dream wedding dress and finding your bridal style, be sure to check out our past posts:



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