Unconventional Wedding Dress Inspiration

Unconventional Wedding Dress Inspiration

Unconventional Wedding Dress Inspiration. Mobile Image

Oct 04, 2023

If you are a bride who is shopping for their wedding dress but are looking for something a bit nontraditional, you won’t want to miss this inspiration post showcasing some of our favorite nontraditional wedding dresses and bridal gowns. Unconventional bridal fashion is gaining popularity as designers are thinking more and more outside the box when it comes to wedding dresses. We are seeing many more brides searching for a unique bridal dress and using their wedding day look as a way to express their personalities.


At Lovella, we believe anything goes when it comes to bridal fashion, so whether you are looking for an unconventional wedding dress to wear all day long on wedding day or perhaps are looking for a nontraditional bridal outfit for your wedding reception, we are here to help guide you to finding the bridal looks of your dreams. Follow along as we showcase some of our favorite unique and nontraditional wedding dresses for unconventional brides.



VIDEO: Unconventional Wedding Dresses


If you are a bride shopping for a unique and nontraditional wedding dress, be sure to tune in to this week's advice video showcasing some of our favorite unconventional wedding dresses.



Bold Colors


When it comes to bridal fashion and wedding dresses, we typically think of a gown in a shade of white when it comes to traditional bridal dresses. We love that bridal designers are breaking out of this tradition and classical look to bring more bold colors and playful patterns into their bridal collections. From floral printed dresses to something blue bridal dresses and even black or red bridal gowns, if you are dreaming of wearing something other than white on wedding day, we can make that happen.



For brides looking for a “something blue” wedding dress, this periwinkle dress by Ines Di Santo is a great option. This gorgeous wedding dress features blue and pink tones with a floral printed organza fabric. The halter neck is balanced out with a multi-layered trumpet skirt, and the fabric flows really great on the body. For brides wanting to take a risk on wedding day, this dynamic bridal gown is a great place to start.


Playful Textures


If a bold color is not what you envision for wedding day, another way to be a bit unconventional is to choose a wedding dress with an unusual texture. This can be sparkle and glitter, a big ruffled skirt, or even a wedding dress with feathers. One thing to note about some textured fabrics or dress materials, particularly with feathers or sparkle, is that you will likely leave a little trail of feathers or glitter behind you. This might not be a dealbreaker, but it is something to be aware of on wedding day.


Photograph by Liz Sunshine


One recent nontraditional bridal look that we love is Erin Deering’s wedding day look. A feathered wedding dress and matching hat by Khyeli for a truly unique wedding day look. She kept her bridal style a bit traditional by wearing white, but we love the textured look of her bridal outfit and the high-low hemline of this fashion forward bridal outfit.


Something Blue


After traditional white bridal dresses, the most common shades we see used in bridal fashion is a blush pink or a very pale blue. Even though these shades are becoming more popular, it’s still very unconventional for most brides. Some brides like a blue wedding dress as it will act as their “something blue” on wedding day. A light blue gown can still give you that bridal feeling while also being a bit nontraditional and surprising your wedding guests.



This pale blue wedding gown by Ines Di Santo is so unique because of the texture of the dress skirt and the draping of the fabric. It’s a very unique and vogue bridal dress for someone who wants a bit of color without being too bold.



Another blue wedding dress by Ines Di Santo, this classic silhouette is elevated by the embellishment on the bodice and dress skirt. What we love about these two blue wedding dresses is that the shape and silhouette is traditional for bridal fashion, but the details add an unconventional twist. Things like the color, a one-shoulder neckline, the textures in the skirts, are all elements that add to the nontraditional look of these dresses while still feeling bridal.


Mixing Modern and Tradition


The next wedding dress we want to showcase is from Berta Bridal. This wedding gown is unconventional because of the leg slit. What we love is that this gown blends modern and traditional elements. The silhouette is a classic ballgown, but the modern twist is the leg slit and the ruching on the bodice.



If you are following bridal fashion trends or are in the wedding industry, then this bridal gown may not feel that unconventional to you. More and more wedding dresses are being designed with leg slits and they are becoming more popular with modern brides. But for many more traditional brides, a wedding dress with a leg slit would be a bit shocking and too sexy to wear on wedding day.


Bridal Black


The last wedding dress we will show off is a stunning black bridal dress by Ines Di Santo. You might notice that quite a few of the dresses we showcased are by Ines Di Santo. When it comes to unconventional bridal fashion, this is one designer that always comes to mind. Her collections are always out of the box and pushing the boundaries when it comes to bridal fashion.



If a black or bold blue wedding dress is not your style, the great thing about her designs is that she also offers them in a more traditional white or ivory color. So if you are trying on wedding dresses and love the style or design of a nontraditional Ines Di Santo dress, know that you might be able to order that design in a more traditional bridal white. Below is the same bridal dress as the black dress above, just in white.



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