What To Wear With A Wedding Dress To Keep Warm On Wedding Day

What To Wear With A Wedding Dress To Keep Warm On Wedding Day

What To Wear With A Wedding Dress To Keep Warm On Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Jan 10, 2024

Are you a bride and worried about being cold in your wedding dress on your big day? Today's wedding fashion advice post is for all our brides planning a winter wedding or brides who are getting married in a colder climate. Brides come into our dress boutique Lovella Bridal in LA asking what they should wear on wedding day when the weather will be cold or cool. Whether you live in a colder climate, you're having a destination wedding in the mountains, or getting married in the late fall and winter months, you'll love our expert bridal stylist advice on what brides can consider wearing on their wedding day to keep warm.


Whether you have already found your dream wedding dress or are still shopping, if you are a winter bride, you might be wondering how to stay warm on wedding day. Just because you may be getting married in cooler temperatures does not mean you are limited to wearing a wedding dress with long sleeves. A bridal dress with long sleeves can certainly be a good option to help stay warm on a chilly wedding day, but it is not the only option available to brides. There are many stylish bridal accessories to help you layer and stay warm on wedding day, while also being fashionable. Follow along as we share our favorite accessories for brides to wear with their wedding dresses to help them stay warm on a cold wedding day.


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We hear from brides all time with questions about what to wear so they won't be cold on their wedding day. They want to be stylish and chic on their wedding day, but they don't want to be cold! If you are planning a fall or winter wedding or are getting married where the temperatures run cool, you won't want to miss our advice video all about what to wear with a wedding dress to keep warm on wedding day. Our wedding fashion expert shares examples of some of her favorite bridal jackets, capes, shawls and more. 



Bridal Jackets


When it comes to tying the knot in a colder climate, brides still want to be stylish and feel special in their wedding day attire, without wearing a bulky winter coat. Staying warm on wedding day is important, but you still want to feel bridal. One trend we love for cooler wedding days are bridal jackets. This is a great accessory to personalize with fun embroidery like your new last name or wedding date on the back. You can opt for a leather jacket or a denim jacket, depending on your style.


Matching bride and groom jackets can be a fun accessory to add for your wedding photos. Brides could choose a white leather jacket and the groom in black or another color that matches the wedding. A Moto jacket or leather jacket can add a bit of an edgier look, so a denim jacket can be another great option if that’s more your style.


Bridal Capes


If a jacket is not your style or you want something that looks a bit more bridal or a better match to your wedding dress, a bridal cape could be a great option for you. Many bridal designers are adding capes to their collections to accessorize their wedding dress designs. A cape may not necessarily offer a lot of warmth, but it will be another layer and will be a stylish cover for your wedding dress.


Bridal capes are another great way to show off your personality. You could choose a sparkle cape to add a bit more dimension to your wedding dress. A lace cape can add a very pretty overlay or just another textural element to your bridal look.


Fur Coats


If you are getting married in a very cold climate are are looking for a bit more warmth over style, a fur coat or shawl may be a good choice for you. Faux fur is becoming more popular these days but it can be done in a great way to give that authentic look. You could go traditional with a fur coat or opt for a shawl or coverlet just around the shoulders.


A fur moment adds some great textural details to your wedding day look. A faux fur shawl could be a great bridesmaids gift and makes for a fun photo op with the wedding party. If fur is not your style, you could try feathers for a trendy bridal accessory. A feathered shawl or cape adds great texture to your bridal look too.




The last popular bridal accessory to add layers and dimension to a wedding day look is a bolero. A bolero is like a short jacket that you could wear over top of your wedding dress. Many brides who want to be a bit more modest for their wedding ceremony opt for a bolero to give them a bit more coverage over the chest with the addition of sleeves as well. Then they can remove the bolero for the wedding reception, giving them two looks with one dress.


A bolero may not necessarily keep you super warm as they are often made of lace, so you may want to opt for a cape or shawl on top of a bolero. But it does add another layer to your bridal outfit and gives you more dimension to play with. In this same vain, long bridal gloves or detachable dress sleeves can be another option to try and play with for layering.


In the end, when it comes to accessorizing your bridal look and trying to stay warm, you should opt for something that feels really exciting and cool when you wear it and feels like you. This is an opportunity for you to  create a unique look that really feels like you throughout your wedding day that can also keep you warm. Don’t forget that the goal here is is to complement your look and not take away from it necessarily. Opt for something that adds dimension to it, adds a layer of a really neat look for your wedding where you get to play around with the fashion and the style.


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