Top 7 Wedding Fashion Trends for 2024

Top 7 Wedding Fashion Trends for 2024

Top 7 Wedding Fashion Trends for 2024. Mobile Image

Nov 15, 2023

If you are a bride who is ready to shop for your wedding dress, particularly any brides getting married in 2024 or even 2025, you are probably wondering what is trending in bridal fashion. Maybe you have started looking at wedding dresses online to see what styles you are most drawn to as you figure out what type of bridal gowns to try on during your shopping appointments. Our wedding fashion expert recently attended one of the most anticipated events of the Fall season, New York Bridal Fashion Week and we can’t wait to share with you all of the trending designs and fashion for brides.


If you are a bride who wants to know what will be trending with new wedding dress collections, follow along as we share some of the most exciting new bridal fashion trends.


Video: Top 7 Wedding Fashion Trends for 2024


If you are a bride shopping for your wedding dress for your 2024 wedding, you won't want to miss our video advice discussing all the new wedding fashion trends we saw at New York Bridal Fashion Week





One of the top wedding dress fashion trends we saw at New York Bridal Fashion week is bows. Wedding dresses with bow details on the waist or neckline add a really fun element and focal point to your bridal gown. A popular way to add a bow detail to a wedding dress was having fabric in the shape of a bow, particularly on the back of the dress with a long trailing train coming off the bow.


The bow detailing was not just for the wedding dresses! We also saw bridal accessories with bow elements, including sparkle headpieces and bridal crowns with bow details.


Basque Waistline


The next trending detail in wedding dress designs for the upcoming season are Basque waist wedding dresses. For those who may not be very familiar with fashion terms, a Basque waist is a form-fitting silhouette with a corset style bodice, but unlike a traditional corset, the Basque waist goes a bit past the waistline to cover the hips with angled seams on the sides to create a bit of a triangle shape at the bottom of the bodice.


Along with the Basque waist trend, we saw many of these dresses with exposed boning in the corset to really accentuate the waistline design.


Bold Floral Lace


Lace is always trending in the bridal world, but the new spin on lace this season is bold floral lace patterns. Think really, really big printed floral details on wedding dresses. Large lace flower patterns on overlay fabric and even three dimensional floral appliqués.


Portrait Neckline


Another trending style we saw on the runways is wedding dresses with portrait neckline. Think of a portrait neckline as a dress with an off the shoulders neckline but with the sleeves or straps attached to the neckline. It sort of sweeps across the chest from shoulder to shoulder. This can be a very flattering style for many brides and is a bit more interesting than just a strapless style gown.


What we saw trending was portrait neckline dresses with attached sleeves for a very classic and timeless bridal style. While it will give you a very elegant look on wedding day, we do want to mention that because of the attached straps or sleeves, you will be a bit limited on arm mobility. If you are a bride drawn to this style wedding dress, you may want to think about a second dress for dancing at your reception so you have full range of motion. If you don’t opt for a second reception bridal dress, just be mindful that you won’t be able to lift your arms all the way up.


Mini Bridal Dresses


The next wedding dress trend we want to share is one that has been getting more and more popular the last few years and is one that we see sticking around for a long time to come. Mini bridal dresses were seen from many different bridal designers and are so fun for brides to change into for their wedding reception or even to wear to some of the other events leading up to wedding day like the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.


Some of our favorite short wedding dresses this season incorporated some of the prior trends we have already shared like having bow details or bold floral appliqués.


Silver Beading


The next bridal fashion trend we saw is silver beading. Many bridal dress designers were incorporating some darker crystals and darker beading into their dress designs which creates a lot of contrast and interest in the design details.


In our experience, this style wedding dress does get some mixed reviews from the brides we see at Lovella. We encourage you to try on this style before making up your mind. Some brides think it can make the dress too dark or appear gray, but other brides love the depth and contrast it can add.




The last bridal fashion trend we saw on the runways is another that has been growing the last few seasons. Wedding dresses with feathers are becoming more popular and is another trend that we have mixed reviews with our Lovella brides. You either love it or hate it. Feathers might not be for every bride, but we saw some really amazing bridal dresses with feathers and love this fun detail on a bridal dress.


Some of the designs featured a lot of feathers. Other designs used feathers as an accent detail. We saw bridal capes with feathers and wedding dresses with a full skirt of feathers. It’s definitely a unique look for a bridal gown and can be a great option for brides looking for a fun, non traditional wedding dress.



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We hope you have found this advice helpful when it comes to knowing what styles and details will be trending for upcoming wedding dresses and bridal fashion. For even more helpful advice when it comes to shopping for your dream wedding dress and finding your bridal style, be sure to check out our past posts:



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