How To Accessorize a Minimalist Wedding Dress

How To Accessorize a Minimalist Wedding Dress

How To Accessorize a Minimalist Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Sep 06, 2023

Are you a bride who dreams of a minimalist style wedding dress? Maybe you are a bride who has begun shopping for your wedding dress and you plan on purchasing a simple and sleek style bridal gown to wear on wedding day. If you find yourself drawn to a more modern bridal style, you might be wondering how you should accessorize a minimalistic wedding dress or a bridal gown without lace. We have all the tips and advice you need to help you complete your overall bridal look. When it comes to accessorizing a minimalist style wedding dress, there are many options available to brides to help you nail your sleek style! 


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If you are a bride who dreams of wearing a minimalist wedding dress on your wedding day, or perhaps you have already bought your dream wedding dress with minimalist bridal style, don't miss this week's advice video to get inspiration on how to accessorize a minimalist wedding dress.



A Blank Canvas


When it comes to accessorizing a minimalist wedding dress, brides might not know where to start. Accessories can help a bride complete her overall wedding day look and really feel like a “bride”. Of course you are going to look beautiful in whatever wedding dress you choose to walk down the aisle wearing, but bridal accessories will help you take that look to the next level.


The best part about choosing to wear a minimalistic style bridal dress on wedding day is that you essentially have a blank canvas to work with. This is true for any silhouette wedding dress, so whether you choose a simple sheath style bridal dress or a more dramatic satin ball gown bridal dress, if the dress itself is minimalistic in design, then you can really choose any accessories you want. Without any lace or beading to compete with your accessories, the sky is the limit for choosing accessories for your minimalist wedding dress.


One of our favorite aspects of minimalist style wedding dresses, is that you can truly transform them into any bridal style you dream of. Whether you want a traditional bridal look or a more modern style, accessories can help your minimalist bridal gown really shine. 


Bridal Accessories

When it comes to choosing what accessories to wear on wedding day to complete your bridal look, there are a few pieces we always recommend to our Lovella Brides. We always encourage our brides to at least try on a wedding veil once they have chosen their wedding dress. Unless you are really against wearing a veil on wedding day, we recommend a veil for at least your wedding ceremony and some bridal portraits, as one of the top regrets we hear from brides after wedding day is that they did not wear a veil.


In addition to a wedding veil, you might opt for a bridal headpiece of some sort, whether that be a hairpin or comb or maybe a tiara or crown. This is a nice way to elevate your bridal hairstyle for the rest of wedding day once your veil is removed.

When it comes to wedding day jewelry, we always recommend a dramatic earring and a bracelet. You want to choose an earring that’s a bit more bold and larger than a stud so that you can see it from a distance, especially in all your wedding photos and video. We recommend a bracelet because it’s a nice detail in photos of you cutting your wedding cake or toasting with a glass of champagne. A bonus tip is to wear your bracelet on your right wrist for a bit of balance as your engagement ring and wedding band will be on your left hand.


There are of course additional accessory options such as necklaces and bridal gloves, and in the end, it will be up to your personal style to choose your wedding day accessories.


For more details on how to choose your wedding day accessories, be sure to read our past post all about how to accessorize and style your wedding dress.


Accessories Shopping


When you are shopping for your wedding day attire, you want to first focus on the wedding dress. Don’t worry about trying on veils or other accessories with each wedding dress you are trying on. You don’t want to waste time in your shopping appointment. Once you have decided on a dress you love, then focus on your veil and other accessories.


At Lovella, we often have brides trying on earrings and bridal jewelry with their wedding dress so they can plan their overall bridal look for wedding day. Many times, they feel that the jewelry and accessories are too much. Keep in mind that a wedding dress and all the bridal accessories are not like your everyday clothing. It’s a unique outfit and it’s going to feel a bit different. When you are trying on wedding dresses, you are focusing on all the little details in the mirror and examining each aspect up close, so it’s easy to see why a bride might think a dramatic earring or crystal bridal tiara is too much. Of course you wouldn’t be wearing accessories like this in everyday life.


Our best tip for trying on accessories at your bridal shop is to step back from the mirror. Take in the overall look from a father distance and then approach the mirror and see how your perception changes. No one on wedding day is going to be right in your face on wedding day like you are looking at yourself in the mirror when shopping for your wedding dress. You want to keep in mind the perspective of your photographer and your guests who are going to be viewing you from a bit of a distance.You want all of your beautiful accessories that you spent time and money on to show up for your guests and in your wedding photos.


More Helpful Bridal Styling Advice


We hope you have found this advice helpful when it comes to knowing how to accessorize a minimalist style wedding dress. For even more helpful advice when it comes to shopping for your dream wedding dress and bridal accessories, be sure to check out our past posts:



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