Reception Bridal Dresses: Things to Consider

Reception Bridal Dresses: Things to Consider

Reception Bridal Dresses: Things to Consider. Mobile Image

Apr 26, 2023

If you are a bride-to-be who is shopping for their wedding dress and trying to decide on your bridal style, then this post is for you. If you are thinking of changing into a second wedding dress or bridal outfit for your wedding reception or wedding after party, you will not want to miss our advice for things to consider for reception bridal dresses. 

A very popular wedding dress fashion trend these days is for brides to change up their look on their wedding day. Whether that be with detachable wedding dress details, like a removable overskirt or removable sleeves, or changing into a completely different dress, the options to truly customize your wedding day looks are endless. We are going to share what things brides need to consider when it comes to shopping for and purchasing a bridal reception dress, including where to shop for a second bridal dress, what types and styles are available for reception bridal dresses, and more. 


What Is A Reception Bridal Dress? 


If you are new to the wedding fashion world, then a reception bridal dress might be a term you are not familiar with. These dresses are essentially a second wedding dress or another bridal outfit that brides change into throughout the wedding day. Most commonly, we see brides change up their look from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. Perhaps they have a big beautiful princess ballgown for the wedding ceremony and then they change into a more form-fitting dress to dance in at the wedding reception. These could be two completely different dresses, or the bride could have chosen a removable wedding dress overskirt to give her versatility with her bridal look on the wedding day. 


At Lovella, we believe there are no rules when it comes to fashion and styling - especially on the wedding day. We encourage all of our brides to tell the fashion story they want, that truly expresses their vision and personality. We love when brides choose a second or even third look for their wedding day because it’s so fun and allows brides to personalize their day and wedding look. It adds a really fun element of surprise and can bring a different energy or vibe to the dance floor when you make your entrance in a fun reception bridal dress to continue the wedding celebration. 


VIDEO: Reception Bridal Dresses: Things To Consider

If you are considering a reception bridal dress for your wedding day, be sure to watch this week's advice video where our wedding fashion expert is sharing some of her favorite reception dress styles to give you inspiration for your own wedding, while she shares all the
 things to consider with reception bridal dresses



Shopping For A Reception Dress


If you have decided to purchase a second wedding dress for your reception or wedding after party, or maybe are just wanting to try on some dresses to see if they fit into your bridal style, the first important thing to consider is where to shop. Where brides should shop for their reception bridal dress really depends on their style and the look you are going for on wedding day. 


You could certainly shop for a reception bridal dress at a traditional bridal store. Many wedding dress designers are creating wedding dresses with a second reception look in mind. Many bridal stores will also carry “little white dresses” that are perfect for a playful wedding reception look. We have seen it all when it comes to reception bridal dresses - from very simple and modern to highly embellished to very fashionable and everything in between. Maybe a bridal jumpsuit is more your style or a sequin rainbow mini dress- the sky is really the limit when it comes to bridal reception attire, so you may be able to find your second wedding day look at a local retailer or your favorite boutique. 


Why Choose a Second Bridal Dress?


When it comes to brides wanting a second look on wedding day, we have heard it all at Lovella. There are many reasons to want to change up your bridal style on wedding day. Maybe you purchased a wedding dress at a sample sale, but have since been able to save additional funds so you can now afford another dress to change up your wedding day look. Another common reason for wanting another dress for the wedding reception is to be able to move a bit more freely. Maybe your dress has a long train or feels a bit bulky with many layers of fabric, or even feels heavy with a lot of beaded embellishments. A simple reception bridal dress may be the right option for you if you feel your wedding dress may inhibit you from moving and dancing freely. 


A reception bridal dress also gives you the chance to have the best of both worlds. Maybe you love the look of both ball gowns and mermaid style dresses. You could wear your princess ball gown for the wedding ceremony and then change into a more form fitting mermaid style dress for your reception. 


Styles of Reception Bridal Dresses


As we mentioned before, the sky is the limit when it comes to reception bridal dresses. Many times we typically see brides in a mini dress or short wedding dress for their wedding reception or wedding after party, but if that is not your style, you can of course opt for something that suits you better and will make you feel comfortable.


Reception bridal dresses gives brides the chance to choose an outfit that is really fun and maybe a bit sexy. Ruffles, feathers, fringe, leg slits - the options and styles are endless when it comes to choosing a second bridal look. 


Your reception bridal outfit doesn’t need to be a dress! Maybe you choose a really fun bridal jumpsuit that is made of silk or has some sparkle. You could even opt for a two piece outfit, such as a lace bridal crop top paired with white pants or a white skirt. 


If you love the idea of a reception bridal dress but don’t want to have to change into a completely separate dress, then a wedding dress with a removable overskirt might be the best solution for you. A wedding dress overskirt gives the illusion of having a fuller wedding dress skirt. There are different styles of overskirts, but if you opt for a removable style then you can still have the option of two wedding day looks with one dress. 


More Helpful Wedding Dress Advice


We hope you found these tips and things to consider for bridal reception dresses helpful when shopping for your wedding day fashion. Remember that you can truly customize your bridal looks and that any style outfit can be perfect for a reception look - we just shared a few of our favorite styles to give brides ideas and inspiration. For even more helpful advice when it comes to wedding day fashion, be sure to check out our past posts:



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